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Default Re: EVs made simple

Originally Posted by drhogie View Post
For a list of all Diamond/Pearl Pokemon and the EVs you will get for fighting them, check out this site:

That's a complete list for all the Pokemon in D/P.

Troacctid, thanks for making this discussion! It's explained a lot to me. However, I have one last question about EV I hope you can answer:

This is my first Pokemon experience, and I'm a complete n00b to EV training. I've got a team picked out, and I have the EV training I want to give them. My only question is: If I give EV to a lv1 Spiritomb, a lv50 Spiritomb, and a lv100 Spiritomb (assume all start out with 0 EV points), will they all have the same stats at the end? To ask another way: If EV points are given to a lv1, lv50, or lv100 Pokemon, will that Pokemon still benefit the same from each of them? I gave my lv1 Spiritomb 10 Def/SpDef vitamins, but I haven't really seen a huge jump in it's stat numbers . . . yet. Did I screw this up?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Yes, the stats will all even out. The formula for calculating stats is
(((Base stat * 2 + IV + EV/4) * Level/100) + (If calculating HP, then Level + 10; otherwise 5)) * Nature
(Note also that anything with a fraction is automatically rounded down.)
Nothing in there mentions the level you first got it, or the level you began its training.

So, yes, a Spiritomb at level 1 will see fewer EV gains than a Spiritomb at level 100, but that's because it's level 1, and level 1 Pokémon have much lower stats than level 100 Pokémon. But the level 1 Spiritomb will eventually get to level 100. At that point, they're on even ground. Two level 100 Spiritombs, each with 100 defense EVs and 100 special defense EVs. If they both had the same nature modifiers and the same IVs, their stats would be identical.
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