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Default Re: EVs made simple

For a list of all Diamond/Pearl Pokemon and the EVs you will get for fighting them, check out this site:

That's a complete list for all the Pokemon in D/P.

Troacctid, thanks for making this discussion! It's explained a lot to me. However, I have one last question about EV I hope you can answer:

This is my first Pokemon experience, and I'm a complete n00b to EV training. I've got a team picked out, and I have the EV training I want to give them. My only question is: If I give EV to a lv1 Spiritomb, a lv50 Spiritomb, and a lv100 Spiritomb (assume all start out with 0 EV points), will they all have the same stats at the end? To ask another way: If EV points are given to a lv1, lv50, or lv100 Pokemon, will that Pokemon still benefit the same from each of them? I gave my lv1 Spiritomb 10 Def/SpDef vitamins, but I haven't really seen a huge jump in it's stat numbers . . . yet. Did I screw this up?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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