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Default Re: Poké Radar Shiny Pokémon Hunting. The GOOD way. AKA my way.

Originally Posted by SpecialK View Post
i dont even know how to make a chain with the poke radar. some one please tell me!
After you use the Pokéradar once and KO or capture the Pokémon you find, the Pokéradar automatically activates again, and you can find another Pokémon. If it's of the same species and you KO or capture it again, the Pokéradar wil activate again. You can keep this up for as long as the same species of Pokémon continues to appear, and stringing them together this way is called "chaining." Pokétch app. #20 keeps track of how long your longest chains are and what Pokémon you chained each time.
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