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Default Re: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Elite Four Discussion

Originally Posted by Espeon EX View Post
To help others out on the E-4, I'll post the team I used for the E-4:


All were level 55, but managed to gain a few levels, if your team is below level 50, then your probably having trouble with it. Here's how I defeated the E-4: For the first person, I used Infernape(if you havent chose this, then any other fire type will work like rapidash) and Staraptor(or any other flying types) to defeat his bug typed pokemon. For Drapion, I used Gastrodons earthquake(or you can use a pokemon who knows it) to defeat it. Second person I used Roserade to take out ALL her pokemon, so no worries there. Third person, I used Gastrodon(or any other water type) and used surf and earthquake on rapidash and infernape, for steelix and lopunny, I used Infernapes fire and fighting moves(use a fighting pokemon or a fire for this one!) And drifblim, I used Garchomps Crunch. For lucian, I used Garchomp for lucians psychic typed pokemon and for bronzong, I used infernape(or any other fire type!) Lastly for Cynthia, I first used Gastrodon(or any STRONG pokemon since it has no weakness), for Garchomp, I simply used Gastrodons ice beam(or a pokemon with ice typed moves!) For Roserade and lucario, I used Staraptor and Infernape, for milotic, I used Luxray and bolted it out. Finally for her gastrodon, I simply used Roserade(or any other grass types!). Make sure you bring plenty of Ethers and hyper potions or any other items to help you out!

i agree even if i dont have the game my freand got ot sent to him from america i need to wait till 27th july to get it

PS i want pearl