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Default Pokémon-themed Magic: the Gathering block

I have ventured out to try my hand at making an entire block that is centered around the pride of Nintendo. No, not Mario. Pokémon. A whole block. This particular block will have 4 sets, one for each generation of Pokémon games. I'm quite a ways through the first set, titled Red & Blue. Check it out. Remember, all the cards in this set are restricted to Pokémon, items, moves, and locations from the first generation only.

Here's the main block mechanic, evolution. The execution of this mechanic was tricky, because I wanted it to feel like you were "upgrading" the Pokémon you had in play already, rather than sacrificing it to get out something bigger on the cheap, like with Offering. This is what I came up with.

Another mechanic I added in was poison. It seemed like a reasonable fit with all the poison-types that'll be hanging around.

Since lots of shuffling is likely to be happening with evolution going on, I placed extra emphasis on the library for this block.

Here are some of the cycles. There's a vertical cycle of Pokéballs, where each one can give you a Pokémon from your library, but the higher rarity ones let you look further down, with the Master Ball allowing access to your entire deck. There's a cycle of gym leaders, each of which has an effect that depends on how many Pokémon you control. There's a cycle of enchantments that you can use now for one effect, or keep around for another. Then there's an uncommon cycle of lands that cross Shadowblood Ridge with Graven Cairn.

Here are some more that I like. Beedrill shows off a nice benefit of my execution of evolution. For Blastoise, well, I'm sure many of you remember the old "Rain Dance," and I did my best to emulate that. There's also some other various cards that were interesting enough to show off.

Last but not least of my previews, a little present for those of us who skipped the St. Anne and traded for a Pokémon that knew Cut, then came back later after getting Surf. It made us say "WTF?" then, and it'll make you say "WTF?" now. Don't ask me what it's for. Ladies and gentlemen, the truck!

So...any impressions? Qué crees?

I have compiled a trailer for the set.

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