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Default The PKMN-MMORPG Project

Imagine that you are playing pokemon, but this time, you are connected with hundreds of other trainers around you. The possiblities are endless. You can battle, trade, chat, and much more online! You can even complete quests to earn goods, such as money, items, or even rare pokemon...

Sound impossible? Its not! This is "The Pokemon MMORPG Project
". Our goal is to create a successful Pokemon MMORPG for computer. What separates us from other teams wanting to make one of these? Good question. Our team consists of several talented young minds from various well-known projects, some of which being Pokemon Platinum (a GSC remake), PP06, and even The Spriter's Resource.

Still not convinced this project is serious about making one? Below are a couple sreenshots of what we hope it will look like (its not the actual game screenshot, but more or less a "skeleton" of one):

Game Screen

Again, its not a real screenshot (we are working on a few simple ones), but it gives you an idea of what we are doing.

The game screen will look similar to runescape's, so if you have played that, then you'll be pretty accustomed to this one.

Also, we are using Diamond/Pearl graphics for this game. 2D MMORPGs are getting outdated, and they lack a realistic feel. The semi-3D of DP seems suitable for this game.

One last thing: You will be able to play as any of the trainers in the game franchise, including, but not limiting to, hiker, bug catcher, ace trainer, and even rocket. These are just a few of the many characters. You can also choose 1 of any of the current 12 starters as your first pokemon.

Below is the link to our forum, as well as our project button. We hope to see you join!

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to post or PM me about it. Thanks.

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