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Default Y2k's Stats

AIM: y2kpikachu12
Money: $2,000
Current Position(s): Trainer,Former Rustboro Gym Leader, Former Veilstone Gym Leader

War Teams:
The Automatons of Dissonant Destruction
The Knights of the Round Table
The Ebil Kittehs [Captain KittehFireSides]

Record: 42/43/0
Regular: 68
Veilstone Gym Challenges: 2
Rustboro Gym Challenges: 3
Gym: 6
Evolves: 27

#1 [Whiscash 7/8]
#2 [Bastiodon 1/11]

TM Hail,TM Flash Cannon,Heat Rock
Used:Electrizer, Thunder Stone, TM Earthquake, TM Ice Punch, TM Ice Beam, Dusk Stone, TM Hidden Power



Male, Torrent
Battles: 32
FFA: 0
Record: 16/16/0
Obtained: Starter
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Thrash, Agility, Crunch, Slash, Screech, Aqua Tail, Superpower, Hydro Pump
Extra Moves:TM Earthquake
OT: Y2k


Male, Motor Drive
Battles: 36
FFA: 0
Record: 17/20/0
Obtained: Pokemart
Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Thundershock, Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Light Screen, Thunderpunch, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Screech, Thunder, Giga Impact
Extra Moves: TM Brick Break
OT: Y2k


Male, Intimidate
Battles: 1
FFA: 0
Record: 1/0/0
Obtained: Trade with Xali {Heracross}
Extra Moves: HM Surf, HM Waterfall, TM Earthquake, TM Flamethrower


Male, Simple/Unaware
Battles: 0
FFA: 0
Record: 0/0/0
Obtained: Summer Gift Station '10 from Jesse.
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Rollout, Headbutt, Hyper Fang, Yawn, Amnesia
Extra Moves: None
OT: Jesse


Male, Sand Veil
Battles: 0
FFA: 0
Record: 0/0/0
Obtained: Summer Gift Station '10 from Ron
Extra Moves: None
OT: Ron


Genderless, Wonderguard
Battles: 0
FFA: 0
Record: 0/0/0
Obtained: Summer Gift Station '10 from BB16
Moves: Harden, Scratch, Leech Life, Sand Attack, Fury Swipes, Mind Reader, False Swipe, Mud Slap, Metal Claw, Dig, Spite, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Grudge, Shadow Sneak, Heal Block
Extra Moves: TM Solarbeam, TM Toxic, TM Hidden Power (Fire), TM Sunny Day, TM Protect, TM Giga Drain, TM Return, TM Aerial Ace, TM Swagger, EM Night Slash, EM Faint Attack
OT: Eraizaa


Male, Blaze
Battles: 12
FFA: 0
Record: 1/11/0
Obtained: Trade from Sec {Magikarp}
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt, Mach Punch, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, Feint, Punishment, Nasty Plot, Close Combat, Torment, Facade, Fire Spin, Calm Mind, Flare Blitz, Slack Off
Extra Moves: TM Brick Break
OT: Sec


Battles: 0
FFA: 0
Record: 0/0/0
Obtained: Trade from Jesse {Whiscash}
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Light Screen, Thunder, Charge, Discharge, Signal Beam, Power Gem, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
Extra Moves: TM Hidden Power (Ground), TM Toxic
OT: Xali


Battles: 0
FFA: 0
Record: 0/0/0
Obtained: Trade from Jesse {Bastiodon}
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Ember, Magnitude, Focus Energy, Take Down, Amnesia, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Double Edge, Lava Plume, Earth Power, Rock Slide, Eruption, Fissure
Extra Moves: TM Swagger
OT: Jesse


Male, Sturdy/Rock Head
Battles: 8
FFA: 0
Record: 0/8/0
Obtained: Winter Gift Station 2009 from Sequentio.
Moves: Wood Hammer, Fake Tears, Copycat, Flail, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Mimic, Block, Faint Attack, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Slam, Sucker Punch, Double-Edge, Hammer Arm
Extra Moves: None.
OT: Sequentio


Female, Natural Cure/Poision Point
Battles: 0
FFA: 0
Record: 0/0/0
Obtained: Trade with luke39 {Mismagius}
Moves: Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Worry Seed, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Grasswhistle, Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes, Sweet Scent, Ingrain, Toxic, Petal Dance, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Weather Ball, Poison Sting
Extra Moves: None.
OT: luke39


Female, Hustle/Serene Grace
Battles: 2
FFA: 0
Record: 0/2/0
Obtained: Mart.
Moves: Growl, Charm, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore, Follow Me, Wish, Ancientpower, Safeguard, Baton Pass, Double Edge, Last Resort
Extra Moves: None.
OT: Y2k

Waruvial 2177

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