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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

I've wacthed the first 2 fansubs of it, and enjoyed it very much.

BW Kenny do you read the Anime Sorce Manga?

Manga review;

Title: Addicted to Curry
Read: Volume 1
Rating: 13+ Nudity is in the manga, so just a heads up for those who don't want their virgin eyes soiled (or those who do want to).
Genre: Cooking

Here's a qoute from one website desribing it.

"Addicted to Curry comes from a long line of Cooking Manga, including Yumeiro Cooking, Shouta No Sushi, Yakitake Japan!, and many others. What sets this manga apart is ecchi humor and that it focuses on Curry. Makito Koenji is a curry chef with a mysterious past who helps Yui Sonezaki keep her father's curry restaurant, Ganesha, open through a lack of customers, a hostile takeover attempt by a huge company, and many other challenges. Get addicted... to Curry.:

Now it's in Surround Sound or something. XD

79-57-80, nuff said.


Clean. Very simlar to One Piece. Its a tad comical looking, while retaing the more normal looks.

8/10, nothing to great, but not bad.

The manga style is more the type that's stereotypical of this type of manga overall (aka kawaii comedy). Generally speaking, it's good stuff.



The plot is kinda out there. A friend of a girls's (Yui) father comes and brings back a out of business curry house. The Guy was friends with Yui's father years ago, and he came to returna favor. When he got there You's Father had gone to india to hone his curry making skills.

This Guy sees the dying restarunt, and brings it back. I don't want to continue bucause i suck at this and i don't want to ruin the story.

8/10 for Originality.

What he said, except the guy's name is Makito. And also the curry house was "sold" already. Simply speaking, it's another Yakitate spin-off plot. And thus:



All the charaters are different and interesting. The devolpment is ok, but its also good. (that doesn't make to much sence does it? :P) Yui is the average Manga girl, with the supermodel body. While the guys are 'normal'.


Yui's measurements above. Aside from that, the characters basically revolve around Makito, Yui, and some of the regulars at the Curry house. The diversity of the main characters is decent (well speaking solely of our hero, heroine, and the regulars). The one thing that sets this manga apart from the rest: Makito's personality...go hentai-master...which I noticed is different (yes, the guy is actaully doing the stuff, not the "accidental" types like everyone else. XD).



Very, very orginal. Come on its a story about cooking Curry.


Yakitate spin-off (okay it's apparently the original XD)...WITH CURRY! Wow it's sounding like Yakitate Gohan (TM) or something. For somene to actaully try something like this makes this a default 9/10. It didn't get 10 because there aren't as many curry battles, which are always interesting. ;)


Very much so. As a cool little extra it comes with the fetured curry recipie. Its funny, and it has alot of unquie stuff in it.


Okay me being the fan of the "cute supermodel anime chick" thing, having one has won approximately 20% of the battle. The stupidity of the anime that rival that of Yakitate, an additional 20%. Fan service +10%. Curry is good, so that's an additonal 40%.


Its cool and you should check it out at

41/50 = 8.2
Nice manga to play around with. I'll be reading this while waiting for releases on Yakitate/Pretty Face/NHK/School Rumble/etc. Which means that it'll be sticking around for a long time. ;)

btw, I think the first issue of this was in 2001 (compared to Yakitate Japan @ 2002), so me saying it's a spin off...well it's more like the original. XD

Besides, 79-57-80. XD

- Kenny "Makito is my hero" C.

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