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Default Re: Pokémon Stars-Good Towns with D/P Poké

Originally Posted by Eveelover12 View Post
I'm in charge?! Well okay. I'll try my best!

@ Spriters: Tsunami and anastasiar I need you to keep making towns and routes.

Tsunami I need you to make towns and add Pokemon and People to anastasiar's towns and routes.

anastasiar I need you to make bigger towns and routes. Stormy town is just too small.

Remember guys, I need the towns to write the words and stuff

@ pokefreak_51: Do your best. I'll try to find someone who can use Gamemaker like you asked.

Also: I'm going to try to get another story writer to help

@ Honchcrow The Big Boss: Are you going to help or just keep making random posts?
I did

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