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Default Re: General Sprite Requests

Originally Posted by Azumao View Post
This may be a complete disaster, but I figured I'd give it a try.

This is a thread similar to the Image Request thread in the graphics board. You request a sprite, giving details and such, and anyone can do it for you and post it in this thread/PM it to you. Of course, there are sprite shops and whatnot, but you can post a request here if you don't want to choose or you'd just rather post it here. :P However, you may not request banners/avatars/anything that's not a sprite or pixel work here. Enjoy! (maybe..)
Don't doubt yourself Azumao, this is a great idea! I mean why not make a thread where people can ask for something and like 4 or 5 people make the w/e and he/she chooses the best one, Brilliant!

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