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Default <Comic>Pokemon Pages EX

Pokemon Pages
I revived it!

Pokemon Pages is a humouroes comic saga of a girl, trying to regain her pride, and get her honor back. Be regaining her badges, defeating her rivals, defeating Team Rocket, and destroying the Pokemon League.

Jen Bayveiw
Jen is the female character. Her skills on Pokemon are great, and she is a near Pokemon champion. Being defeated by her rival Benjamin (Ben), she returned home back to Celadon, only for Proffesor Oak to call her "un worthy of Pokemon badges" and take her badges away. No working as a Pizza Girl, Jen is destined to re-do her entire life, over.

Bill and Lucy

Bill and Lucy Coast are the proud owners of the Celadon Dept. Store, yet keep it a large secret. They live on Four Island, home of Lorelei, and are quite active. They are retired Pokemon champions, having a great team of Mixed types. Slightly senile, they love to joke around, and have fun.
More Characters introduced later

The Editions
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3

Guest Stars
To be a guest star, PM me, with overworlds, and four Pokemon, and his/her sprite.