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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

So yeah... havent written in a long time. I used to frequent this site on a regular basis. I wrote a trainer fic called "An Adventure of a Lifetime" and it ended up taking after it's name because I never got around to finishing it. the link to the story is in my sig. It's about a guy named Kevin Sun, who is the son of Lance the dragon trainer, and his adventures in the johto league, where he tries to escape his father's shadow and earn a name for himself... i think i got up to just after him getting his 7th badge...

So yeh I don't know whether to continue that story or write another. The idea that came to the me the other day is to right about a trainer who is invited to compete in an international league tournament. You are only eligible to compete if you have at least been a league champion in either kanto, johto, hoenn, or sinnoh. It would start just before his first round in the championship and continue on following his progress. the story would be marked with flashbacks, pertaining to how he got some of the pokemon he uses and other relevent past experiences. So depth to his character would slowly be revealed...

Well that is my idea. Would anyone be interested in reading something like that?
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