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Default Re: The Symphonia of Itichos

If the Spartans come here we wont have a big chance to hold this city for a long time, i thought for myself.
"Kimia, how many soldiers do we have here??"
"We have around 750 archers and maybe 1500 Spearmens, sir"
"Do we have any Catapults on the walls??"
"Not now sir, but i think we can build atleast 10 in 1-2 months"
"Ok, that was good, you can go now"
I said as she walked out of my room.
We must allied us with someone but who??, maybe we can send an alliance proposal to the Amazons??, i thought for myself.
"Can you send after Kimia please"
I said to a servant.
"Ok sir"
After awhile Kimia came in:
"What is it sir?"
"Can you send an Alliance Proposal to the Amazons, please?"
"Yes sir, i will do that in a minute"
Then she walked away again......

Credit goes to Pidgeot79
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