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Default Re: < Guess t3h Pokemon Trivia >

2. Correct.

New questions and Scoreboard will be updated in a while.



Phoenix004 - 2 point(s)
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NeW quEstiOnS!

1. I am a Pokemon which has 'Levitate' as a trait. I can hang myself from a tree banch with a suction cup and pluck berries with my long tail.

2. I'm a fragile yet beautiful grass type. The thorns on my head contains a vicious poison.

3. I'm attracted by feelings of jealousy and vindictiveness. If someone develops strong feelings of vengeance, my species will appear in a swarm and line up beneath the eaves of that person's home.

4. I cast a sinister light from my bright red eyes to gain TOTAL control over my foe's mind. I'm highly intelligent and can understand human speech.

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