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Loki headed towards the rampaging shadows in the horizon. Fenrir was beside him, his loyal friend. Loki landed on top of fenrir after somersaulting twice in the air. He drew a rather long dagger from his coat, this one had a rose carved on the pummel. He twirled it and chanted a magic spell. From the dagger, blinding flashes were projectiled at the hordes, as he crashed into them, being the first of the pokégods to enter the melee. Fenrir ripped and flattened the shadows, which cried shrill voices of despair. Fenrir charged a hyper beam, as well as Loki, and they both fired at the same time, hitting the ragnarokk meteor, now being blocked by susano. The meteor exploded but there was no real change in its atmosphere. As the hordes kept streaming out of the mountain, Loki slayed many more, Fenrir watching his back. He called to the other pokégods, but they still were arguing about the new weapons to be used. He was growing desperate, he could only reach susano, but he was out of diversions reach, if he helped Loki, then the ragnarokk would take less time to crash. Fenrir seemed to enjoy the challenge, but both Loki and Fenrir new that they could'nt hold much longer with the other pokégods still in the canopy. He screamed with rage, tearing 40 other shadows that stumbled before his mighty cry of despair...

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