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OOC: Tents are made of canvas... *anime fall down* Canopies are the tops of trees... BTW, if you didn't know, Yggdrasil isn't just a tree, it's the entire world, the roots are the underworld, the trunk is where mortals live, the branches are heaven, etc. So the canopy of Yggdrasil is like the highest reaches of the sky.


"Science, fire; what blastphemes are you raving on about, Odin!" Isis said, who never realy liked either, "We are used to the tradishonal ways.

"Well, hold on there, Isis," I argued, "Maybe We could have the upper hand with this technology—"

"We already have the upper hand!" Artemis interrupted "Fenrir! Horus! how could you be so blind!" This seamed strange of Artemis, who was usualy very open-minded.

"You don't understand—" Odin replied.

Suddenly, for the third time, the doors slamed open to reveal soaking entities.

"STOP!" They were the representatives of the sister nations, two Amazons and three Valkyries. Both were all female tribes, Amazons being Illumises and Valkyries Nidoqueens. They weren't gods, but powerful guardians, "One hundred thousand appologies, m'lords and m'ladies," said one of the Amazons "But hordes of demons are swarming from the mountain in the sky. We must fight now."

"Prove to us your powers of chemicals and machines and fire," Isis said with a glare.

And they were off. Fighting this plague of demons, and now, eachother.
Ragnarokk's fight to the finish is coming. Coming soon.
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