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Originally Posted by inyi View Post
If you have noticed some errors, inconsistency, conflicts in Pokemon TV series, Movies, games and etch.. Lets discuss it here:

If you'll remember the Pokemon 1st season everyone in the series is indicating that there are only 150 pokemon and the 151 is Mewtwo... even prof. Oaks admitted this fact, and that there are pokemons that arent discover yet... if we based this 1st season theory to the Pokemon Movies, the 1st -3 movies for me are no Inconsistency( Mewtwo strikes Back, The Power of One, Spell of the Unown) but the 4th and 8th Movie for me has inconsistency (Pokemon 4ever: Celeby the voice of the forest and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew) which has a past based story...

lets discuss first the 4th Movie: Celeby the voice of the forest

The story is about celeby which has the ability to travel through time... there is boy named "SAM" which accidentally travel to the future w/ celeby and meet up Ash and friends... so the inconsistency in the movie is that SAM is "Proffesor Oak" when he was a kid... Sam saw Pokemon whiched belong to the 2nd generation liked Houndoom, Keriehanna, Sentret and furret and Suicunne and Celeby. Note: He saw it when he was just a kid and even sketch kereihanna, and Pikachu and Celebi. So why in the 1st season Proffesor Oak admitted that there are only 151 pokemon discovered.

8th movie: Lucarion and the Mystery of Mew

it has also a past base story.. and the narrator said that it was the time where Pokeball are not invented yet... What does Tyranactar, Aggron and skarmony doing in that movie, supposed to be they must be known in 1st season.......

It was just i observed, i dont know if I right or wrong abwt this.... or just The Pokemon Region has somethong to do with the story....

Why was Team Rocket doing the 3 clown routine for Dawn to get the Poketech, and how come Ash doesn't get a Poketech but Dawn does? In the game, if you are a boy/girl, you get a Poketech either way.

IN the contest...Ash didn't dress in a tuxedo like the boy in the game would. Not sure if that's a big deal error or not.

How come 'Paul' doesn't look any way like the game's rival character? Paul is like the Johto bad rival!

HOw come if we players get a huge Pokedex of 480 Pokemon do Ash/Dawn/other characters only carry 6 and never use the PC in the center?

I never see 'TMs' taught, or HMs as Dawn apparantely taught the Piplup waterfall I believe.

How come Team Rocket is in Shinou, yet in the game, we get Galactic? THere is no Team Rocket anywhere in Shinou.

How come at times the total number of Pokemon are not shown on the TV? They say there's 150 in Kanto, yet on TV, you see like maybe 80% of that number. You don't see their evolutions too much.

How come legendary Pokemon are saved for only the movies, and why the legendaries are not caught by Ash/company? I never see JIrachi on the TV portion. I don't think the legend birds were televised in Zapdos/Moltres/Articuno.

How come on TV a journey to the next town takes like a week, yet we can get to the next town within 5 minutes on our game?

Another error, if we have to beat Elite 4, how come Ash hasn't done that yet?

JUst a tease now, how much shorter can Dawn's skirt get in those camera shots?

Yeah, those are a number of errors I have seen, yet I think the show is still great. That was my top 10 rant, plus a bonus referring to Dawn. She's still great, but they sure do a lot of teasing shots with her.
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