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OOC: I sincerely appologise for being late guys. I was gonna post but an incredibly pointless argument with Tristan caused me to lose three hours last night and I coudn't post here, do my HW, or update my Final Fantasy, Crystal Cronicles Fanfic on For complete details, ask him because I'm done thinking about it.

A note: I'm making Odin almost All-Knowing so don't be surpised, guys.

IC: I was peacefully sleeping in my bed in Valhala and having a weird dream. It looked the same as the way I learn of all the important things in the world but this one happened while I was asleep. The others were having a meeting in a Tent (OOC Note: A Canopy is what a tent is made of so I'm assuming it's a tent.) about the impending destruction of the world. They were hopeless. I listened patiently, unable to speak. Then I realized why I coudn't speak. My mouth wasn't there!

I woke up as if from being knocked out, opening my eye all of a sudden. (OOC Note: Imagine like the evil characters in an Anime open their eyes in a sudden way after supposedly being killed or defeated. But he's a good guy, lol.) Getting up, I put up my hands to dress and willed my clothes on. The clothes floated over from the closet and I put them on. I put out my hand and my Spear floated from the other room right into my outstrethed hand. I note layed on my Table. I had a feeling about what it could be and therefore didn't touch it.

"I AM NEEDED!" I said to no one in particular.

I stroked my beard and thoght for a moment.

*shrug* Let's do a flashy entrance rather than the usual Teleport, I though to muself. I concentrated on the wall and walked right into it, disapearing as if I walked right throught it.

The other side was inside the Tent. It appeared as if I had walked out of the wall but it was really a kind of Teleportation. I tapped the non-Sharp end of my Spear on the floor to announce my presense.

"I have an idea but it requires science, chemicals and fire. Who's with me?" I asked the others, trying not to surprise them.
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