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Default Re: Pokemon Hyper Hurricane

Originally Posted by Blaziken Knight View Post
can i scratch an evo of rotom?
sure :)

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

Hahah, are you joking?

TVT can sprite much, much better than any of the members of this game project. Why do you think he's hosting the WAR spriting contest. Also, I have to agree. Most of these sprites have bad outlines and are basically unrealistic. How this got rated 5 stars, I don't know.

Edit: 4 now >.>''
That out line of mine was a sighn of me rushing , and your text to small, i could barely read it (off subject)
even though TVT could sprite n all, a he can't just come in my small (and unpopular) thread and dis on ppls sprites... hi

Originally Posted by Honchcrow The Big Boss View Post
Here it is!

Bronzil, the Corrupt Pokemon. Horrible outline, feel free to fix it up if you think your up to it.

Also, a possible evo of skarmory, yet to be named.
nice skarmory evo ... and bronzil :) and our namer could help us naming your skarmory evo :)
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