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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by KittenGirl2000 View Post
@Espeon206: Nice idea. I think it will turn out fantastic.
@Workthosestripes: Not bad, as long as she gets help from a Vaporeon...>:D
@Darth Murkrow: Nice.
This is my first idea:
It is set in Sinnoh, as a girl named Aruora Hansen runs away from her grumpy, unloving parents with her Vulpix. Pretty soon, Vulpix and Aruora run away to a cave, with lots of water. When she is deep in the cave, she and Vulpix fall in the water. Being unable to swim, they fall to the bottom, only to be swam back up by a frendly Lapras. Aruora and Vulpix befriend the pokemon, and Lapras comes with them on Aruora's journey.
Journey on what? Are they on a Pokemon Master journey?

If you give more information on this, it might just turn out to be a good story. Though I don't recommend the Pokemon Master journey - too cliche. Maybe on the journey there should be more twists and turns, like the parents sending police on the trail to find them and Vulpix flamethrowering them.. Anything of that sort.
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