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Originally Posted by SBaby View Post
There's more issues in Pokemon than there are in any Anime that can be thought of, outside of Legend of the Crystals.

- And what's with Ash walking everywhere? Why doesn't he just use Charizard to FLY where he wants to go. It'd sure be faster and he'd be able to get there on time.

I've just watch the episode where ash's left charizard in the Charizard valley: it was funny that Charizard doesnt want to fly with Ash, because he was having trouble carrying Ash.. though after many fall Charizard manage to Carry Ash while Flying... bad it was sad that Ash left Carizrd for it to be strong such as the other charizard in the valley: Ash's Charizard was too weak againts the Carizard in the Valley thats why charizard decided to stay and trained.... it was a teary episode....
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