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Default Re: Rmt

GSC team format:

Originally Posted by Blastoise Ruler
Jolteon-Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Substitute and Attract. Standard annoyance Jolteon.
No item? That sucks. Give it leftovers if you want to annoy. And maybe even Growth somewhere. Jolt doesn't exactly last long enough usually.

Snorlax-Curse, Minty Rest, Return/Body Slam and Earthquake. Curselax is pretty good.
It's so "pretty good" that it's often banned. duhh =P

Leftovers, and I'd have Flamethrower over curse. Skarm > Curselax. Skarm = >50% teams?

Espeon-Psychic, Morning Sun, Bite/HP Fire and Reflect/Sunny Day.
I'd put growth over the reflect spot, and maybe baton pass over the bite spot.

Typhlosion-Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Earthquake and Sunny Day/Rest.
Opt for Mintyrest.

Tyranitar-Ancient Power, Earthquake, Crunch and Ice Beam.
No pseudohazer at all. Use Roar with Rock slide over AP and Ice beam. If you REALLY need a special attack, Use Flamethrower over Crunch.

Kingdra-Surf, Ice Beam, Double Team and Rest.
Dragonbreath has more PP than Ice beam, and since Kingdra is a special attacker, insert blissey to eat PP... (hence, go for DB)

Sub-Blissey-Heal Bell, Softboiled, Ice Beam and Psychic.
Your current team has a weakness to the blisskarm for the most part. Getting flamethrower on Ttar can counter this. Also, make sure your team can take things down. As things go, you seem to have a bit of a problem facing Ground types, eg: Donphan. (Being fully aware that a Donphan with a blisskarm can potentially screw you over so badly it's funny.)
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