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Default Pokemon Adventure

I need lots of people please request using this form

If will be active

My Game Program is Rpg Maker 2003


Today you start your journey. Your mother tells you to go to the lab, and choose your starter pokemon. Then, you go to the lab. When you get there, Proffessor Lilina(Girl) will ask you to choose a pokemon. You can chose out of Retarus, The grass tiger, Flareti, the fire phonix pokemon or Atarizi, the water Kitten Pokemon. Sometimes, you can even get Amirizi, the Ice Huski Pokemon. Once you choose your pokemon, Professor Lilina will get Kidnaped. You try to follow her, but someone is holding you back. With your starter, you begin your journey to not only be a pokemon master, but to save Professor Lilina as well. As you leave, The proffessor's assistant, Kiari(Girl), will hand you a hot Pink pokedex (If your're a girl) Or a Sea blue Pokedex(If your a boy).

Notes: Any suggestions wanted.
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