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Default Re: Pokemon Online Game A Good Idea? Jim Merrick Thinks So!

I had kind of always hoped that Pokemon would stay away from online, simply because I thought I was so good at the GB games until I downloaded Netbattle... Many of those people are way out of my league...

Anyway, I like this idea too, for a few simple reasons. I had always dreamed of a massive multiplayer RPG based on the Pokemon TCG. That would make the easy to make, fun to play, and easy to maintain your game. (it would suck of you only have a few hours a day to train Pokemon as opposed to someone who has every minute for the next 3 years to train a full party and then some of lv. 100s. But with the TCG, everyone gets an even chance to be good, simply by collecting cards, a task much more easily accomplished.) At one point, I was determined to make a game like this myself, but I had none of the resoruces available to me. (however, I am going to college to study game design, and I promise that this concept will be my first work in progress! mwa ha ha ha!)

If not, of course, I would love a game that at least gave people a varied storyline. I would like the game not to just be a storyless Run-around-and-kill-things RPG like most of the Online RPGs available (in opinion.) I would rather that the game made an attempt to create a veried storyline at least mostly different for each player with the ability to work with other characters to accomplish goals. This would give the player a vision of actually participating in the world in thier own way, and living thier own Pokemon Legend by creating thier own stories. (This is the kind of game where I was actually able to assembe resorces and managed to create. but since I use myself as the computer, it doesn't have the potential to be massive. Anyone interested can PM me.)

Personally, the only opinion I have about an Online Pokemon RPG, is how it's done.
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