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Default Re: Author Archive

Silverfrost's Stories

Name: Stir of The Thunderstorm
Type: Fan Fiction
Status: COMPLETED ( 20 chapters; ~85k words)
Rating: PG-13 for some violence
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Summary: In an ancient time of Kings, magic, and dragons, a young, reckless girl must venture out into the world when she hears a voice in her dreams urging her to do so. Join Eralynn and her best friend Aerance the Ponyta as they take a journey full of mystery that proves that everyone has a purpose in this world.

Name: The Light of Shadows
Type: URPG story
Status: In Progress
Rating: PG-13 for disturbing themes like violence and abuse
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Summary: In a Sinnoh now run by Team Galactic, a damaged teenage girl must escape their clutches and find relief in an organization out to stop them. Fighting for her life and struggling to find happiness, she must take risks that were once beyond her imagination in an attempt to start over.

Name: The Ice Ring Makers
Type: URPG story
Status: In Progress
Rating: PG
Genre: Science Fiction
Summary: A family from Saturn's rings crash-lands on Earth. One of the Ring Makers is left to rescue his wife and son, the seer, as they are captured by the evil humans that bear such a strange resemblance to their kind. Stuck near the North Pole and with only a Clefairy to help him, can he save his imprisoned family from experiments by the American government?

Name: Always Together
Type: URPG story
Status: In progress
Rating: PG, I suppose
Genre: Adventure
Summary: Follow Nyta the Ponyta's journey as her best friend, Jimmy, betrays her in order to save his mother and his land. She is captured and taken to the circus, where many strange and frightening things await her.

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