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Default Re: ~Pokemyths...~

Susano: "Pardone me, but does that means you can forgive me for what I had done? You're right none of us should give up, we have to find out the sourse of some of us loosing powers, but first I'll try my best to change the weather!"

He started to concentrate and thunderstorm seemed to seize a little, or so it seemed. Then he flew out into the sky and started to wield his kattana as if he was trying to slash something, that had created a huge force of wind heading towards the metior and it's seemed to slow down even further then it already had been, but Susano couldn't hold it for too long.

Susano: "My fellow pokegods, I never meant to say that we can't stop this thing, what I meant to say is that I have to be punished for the thing I caused, but now I can fix what I might had caused! I'll try to hold it as much as I can, but you have to come up with something because my powers are not limitless and I might grow tired soon!"
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