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i'll take it this is a gsc team.

Originally Posted by Blastoise Ruler
Jolteon-Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Substitute and Attract. Standard annoyance Jolteon. attach leftovers. ditch attract for hp ice. dont talk if you dont know, this is no standard.

Snorlax-Curse, Minty Rest, Return/Body Slam and Earthquake. Curselax is pretty good. i like bellylax more, it's your choice though. body slam for par, return for power, your choice again.

Espeon-Psychic, Morning Sun, Bite/HP Fire and Reflect/Sunny Day. bluntly obvious sunny day and hp fire ;\. Attach lefties

Typhlosion-Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Earthquake and Sunny Day/Rest. i dont like this thing, ugly and useless. *wont rate this*

Tyranitar-Ancient Power, Earthquake, Crunch and Ice Beam. flamethrower/fire blast over i-beam, rock slide(if it can get it) over a-power. tyranitar can get rock slide in rsfrlg, so i dunno if it can for gsc. attach lefties

Kingdra-Surf, Ice Beam, Double Team and Rest. kay. attach mint berry

Sub-Blissey-Heal Bell, Softboiled, Ice Beam and Psychic. [b]darnit, it cant get seismic toss with heal bell on it ;\ toxic over psychic, attach leftovers.
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