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Default Re: Has anyone seen "Electric Soldier Porygon"?

Why won't Japan re-do the episode in the 10th season (no seizures please, but same title?)? I want to see itt but no seizures. I've gone blind watching the frames of it! (i saw each frame in the show and it sucked! No subs!)

The name's wrong! The US version is Computer Master (or Soldier) Porygon!
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Currently need:
Munchlax (Male) lv. 1 (Can't figure out how to breed my two Snorlax, got 1 of them out of it)
Turtwig (Female will do) lv. 1
Piplup (Female will do) lv. 1 (I can breed, just have Infinity Exp. Shares)
Mew (any level will do - like it under level 40 - really like it Japanese)
Cranidos (female) (under 25)

My team:
Mikaruge (Actually, Spiritomb, came from Japan)
Mewtwo (3 types of moves!)

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