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Originally Posted by L0L View Post
Oh my god stupid CRAP >:~

Get this through your heads, pokemon anime is targetd at little kids, the little kids will not point out all these frill little errors because hey they get to see new pokemon.I mean I haven't cared to look at your ages and I don't care if you don't make them public but come on! The whooooooooooooole POKEMON COMPANY is focused on little kids, though some games of pokemon may not be to small smalll kids th anime is!Pointing out it's flaws won't do any good these movies and Episodes were made years ago and are probably in a kids Movies shelf like most pokemon movies are on my shelf. It's not like they're gonna recall the movie and change it to your liking. Thouuhg there are many adul who like pokemon and I'm glad they do, pointing out small tihngs won't mattter, I'm sure a 7 year old watching the movies will go hey they say there's 150 pokemon but they're 151 and then they're more discovered pokemon then they said they're are....Mommy Mommy Wa Wa Wa...

Enjoy the pokemon anime, like the 7 year olds in Japan and the USA and Oh my god I tihnk they're's a Krazy woman outside my house and I am seriously paranoyed,bye

Eh, so what?

Plenty of Japanese Anime shows meant for children, such as Naruto, have huge success with more than the children's demographic, especially in America. And it's all due to a little thing called plot development and compelling storylines.

So what exactly would be the problem with making the show more than a simple everyplot where Team Rocket steals Ash's Pikachu and they encounter the Pokemon-of-the-week?
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