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Default Oh cool we're back, finally someone can RMT

yay! its good to see that site back up, and the forum back up, again. Anyways, would you be a life saver and Rate my teamy weamy? Thanks alot in advance.

-Calm mind
-Fire punch
-Ice Punch

Okay heres my obvious Primary Sp. Sweeper. And the movesets kinda obvious too. Brightpowder because his Defense suxors, and hopefully he'll dodge the attacks he needs too. That of course if the other guy has a chance to attack, after I hit with psychic/Fire punch. Calm mind doesnt have much PP time on Alakazam, because you need to zap the other guy before he hits you with Earthquake basically. EVs in Speed and Sp.atk.

(Nickname:Lunacy-after fox lunacy for what a kitsune does)
Ninetales@Lum Berry
(Hasty)[Flash Fire]
-Flamethrower(should I do Heatwave instead?)

I know people like Overheat in the slot of flamethrower. But because my team has a bug weakness overall,and the minus sp.atk side effect of overheat is unsexy, AND 5 PP makes you pukey especially since you have reliance on the fire type move with the bug weakness, Flamethrower instead. And where Id be putting white herb to stop the minus sp.atk off of overheat I can now put a Lum berry which is necessary with an Opener(which he is). This will kill those Spiking Skarmory openers that there are so much of lately. Will o wisp and Roar to burnshuffle, and Sunnyday and Flamethrower if they wont shuffle . EVs in speed and sp.atk.

(Quirky)[Liquid Ooze]
-Mirror coat
-Confuse ray

Basic Mirror Coating set for cruel other than confuse ray. I breeded that unto him, specifically so that I can use it to mislead the opponent from thinking that this is indeed a mirror coating cruel. Confuse ray first, than a couple of surfs, and if all else fails, or if this is the opponents last pkmn, Barrier to entice the opponent to use a Sp. oriented move, then mirror coat. EVs in sp.def and sp.atk.

-Perish song
-Aerial Ace

Now you may be saying...Why Perish Song? But you'll see why later. Absol's basically, my last resort killer. First attract to keep the opponent from attacking the Substitute which I will do next, then Perish song (You'll see the Trap later) and then Aerial Ace while they count to three. EVs in atk and speed.

(Adamant)[Effect Spore(I think thats what its called?]
-Focus Punch
-Leech Seed

Spore+Focus Punch for obvious reasons. Leech seed with leftovers to drain and recover HP fast. And Counter to Bite Slakings or other sweepers. Since Breloom has a pretty groovy Def stat. He can take it and counter it well-ly(word?). EVs in atk and speed.

(Nickname:Panzer, meaning tank or inpeneratrable force)
-Baton pass
-Mean look

Alright Alright I Cheated :0!. But did nintendo not cheat us with having all the pokemon in the game, and not letting us have them? Well not in money, but In time, yes(we could always wait to trade with FR-LG cough, Ocean Blue couldnt we? NO!!! NO PATIENCE! AHH)ahem. So Im not a timewaster so give me what I want now, or Else Ill be loosing money(to buy action replay lol). . Moonlight over ChestoRest because Umbreon is made for stalling, and has the defensive stats that dont need 1 turn full heals. He is a staller, and If I can waste 2 turns healing instead of one, the STALLer has done his job. Besides its his trademark move. Mean look + Batonpass is what I was talking about with Absol. Mean look, Curse a couple times(not literally), Dawdle around for 3 or 4 turns, moonlight for 2 more turns, than pass to Absol, Attract-Substitute-Heal through leftovers-Perish song-And Aerial ace. Bright powder is attached to make him that much more annoying. He already has a means of recovering, so no leftovers are really necessary. No scope lens (Duh! he has no attacks). EVs in Def and sp.def

Alrighty, go as crazy as you want on the movesets and if you think a better pokemon can play their role, then please make any suggestion you believe to be a good one. Thanks
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