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Another version of pokemon, but stupider. Too see it click on the site or type this in:
I may also need help with having more Impotchies (funny name) by e-mailing Thanx
__________________ - join now!

My Friend Code is: 4339 0402 4489
Player's name: Anton
Currently need:
Munchlax (Male) lv. 1 (Can't figure out how to breed my two Snorlax, got 1 of them out of it)
Turtwig (Female will do) lv. 1
Piplup (Female will do) lv. 1 (I can breed, just have Infinity Exp. Shares)
Mew (any level will do - like it under level 40 - really like it Japanese)
Cranidos (female) (under 25)

My team:
Mikaruge (Actually, Spiritomb, came from Japan)
Mewtwo (3 types of moves!)

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