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"That's one heck of a Mightyena," Artemis commented, "F-Fenrir? It's amazing!"
"It's HUGE!" Freyja gasped.

It was amazing. Even though I'd heard of it before, Fenrir cast great marvel into my heart. About double the size of a Rapidash, It could probably seat the remaining pokegods.

"Quite rugged," Thoth said with a pat as Fenrir entered the hall.
"Mii..." Fenrir murmured ominously
"Will he show off for us?" Thoth questioned Loki, who seams to own, or at least is a friend of Fenrir.
"Prob'ly," Loki replied.

If we thought his superficial qualities were awe-inspiring, his skills were far much more so, even if we just saw a simple bite attack.

"Dazzling," I noted, "Truly Battle worthy."

Fenrir looked a tad modest at this remark as he pranced towards the door. The rest of us followed him out side, where he, if posible, stunned us even more. He stoll from the king of thieves himself, Loki, with a thief attack. He toppled the biggest and mightyest of yews without breaking a sweat. Mountains litterally trebbled with his roar attack, and even slighty whithered just at the sight of his toxic attack. He raced lightning and scarred deathly oni. Truly a warior if there ever was one.

"Does this encourage you, Susano? Do you still think that we will be obliterated? Do you still want to killed," Artemis said, with obvious resentment.

Will Susano rejoin the pokegods? Is Fenrir realy this amazing, or is it a facade?Will the others survive on the strange mountain in the sky?
Will Yggdrasil survive?
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