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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Chapter 6: As the spirit heals

The sun that shone through the window welcomed a new day, ready to begin. The walls of the hospital wing seemed to be full of life. The engraved leaves sparkled as a ray shone upon them. But life was still within the walls. Jarre lay on a soft bed made from down; unmoving, but breathing.

Codan sat on the floor beside him, pondering his thoughts, as did I. I looked down at my paws and thought how easily a life could be held within them. For two days Jarre hadn’t stirred , and I was worried. I looked up at Codan who met my gaze and smiled slightly. The silence in the air was unnerving--I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Codan?” He looked up and nodded his head in a friendly gesture. “When will Jarre wake up?” His brow furrowed as he sought an answer.

“The body heals fast, but the spirit takes longer.” He replied.

“Does that mean he won’t wake up for a while?” I asked, confused.

“It depends whether or not he decides to,” Codan said thoughtfully. “Only time will tell.” I lowered my head back to the ground and studied the patterns on the floor. Misha and Polo were okay, they were just resting up. Lani was looking after them down at the PRA.

The thunder attack had taken its toll on me, so I had to stay here in the hospital wing for a bit. Codan was fine, but Jarre was still asleep. I felt weak, as if the life had been sucked right out of me. I lifted my head again and looked out the window. “Is it wrong to feel so weak?” I asked Codan.

“An attack like that should take a lot out of you,” He answered. “Especially for a Pikachu of your stature.” I turned towards him.

“I should be okay in a day or so, right?” He nodded.

“But that was a very impressive thunder attack. I can’t believe a Pikachu so young, with absolutely no training pulled that off.”

Codan sounded amazed. “Why? Can’t Pikachu’s normally do that?” I asked him, completely absorbed in the conversation.

“It’s very rare without training,” He replied. “But you, Zanna, have some real talent.” I smiled at him, happy for the compliment. I could become a master rescuer, I thought.

Then I realised something. I’d never actually asked if I could join. I was about to ask, when Codan put a paw to his snout. “Sssshhh.” I listened and my ears picked up the sound of small footsteps rustling outside the window.

“I’ll go check it out.” I said quietly as I began to stand up.

“No!” Codan hissed, but it was too late. A pain erupted in my side and I gasped as I fell. Codan rushed over and caught me in his arms before I hit the floor. “Careful,” He said with a concerned look. “You need to rest now. You’re not ready to move.” I winced at the pain flowing through me and grimaced.

“I guess I underestimated my status.” I said weakly as Codan carried me gently over to a bed.

“See that it doesn’t happen again.” He replied softly, laying me down on the fluffy wool. I pricked my ears, but the sound of footsteps had gone. Whoever it was had left. Codan sat down again, across from Jarre and I, watching us with concern.

A tiny head peeked round the doorway and I saw Misha smiling at me. She came bounding in and Polo followed slowly. He was lucky he’d only suffered minor injuries. Nothing but a few cuts and bruises and a twisted leg. Misha was about to jump up onto my bed, when Codan grabbed her.

“Hey!” She cried, “I want to sit with Zanna!” Codan smiled and placed Misha back on the floor.

“Zanna needs her rest now.” He said softly. Misha frowned, but sat down anyway. Polo walked over to Jarre’s bed and stared at him, wide-eyed. He bowed his head and turned to me.

“Is he gonna be okay?” He asked.

I nodded. “But it’s going to take a while for him to wake up.” Polo studied me for a second before replying.

“Hey, thanks for rescuing me. I heard what you did.” He added. I looked at Codan, who just smiled warmly.

“That’s okay,” I said. “It was the least I could do.” Polo nodded, but he looked worried. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be better in no time.” I assured him. He still didn’t look convinced, but he went to sit with Misha anyway. A small rumble filled the room and I turned my head towards the doorway.

“Well, what a happy reunion we have here.” Lani grinned, showing her pure-white fangs. She padded across the floor and halted in front of me. “How is the little one?” She asked gently.

“He’ll be okay.” I replied, looking at Jarre. Lani lifted her snout up to Jarre’s bed. She sniffed then turned towards me.

“He is resting peacefully.” She said. Her voice then took on a more serious tone. “That was a very brave thing you did for everyone. Especially Polo and Jarre,” She snorted and raised her head. “But it was foolish. An attack that powerful could have mortally wounded you.” I looked up, a shocked expression on my face.

“Really? I didn’t know.” So that’s why I feel so weak.

“The limits of your energy you must discover for yourself,” Lani replied solemnly. “But that takes training, dear one.” She turned her head to take one, last look at Jarre, and joined the rest of the group that resided on the floor.

I lay on my side, focusing my gaze intently on Jarre. He hadn’t even moved since we came back. I wondered why--the shock wave from the thunder attack wasn’t that big. His feathers were ragged and pale. He kept his beak closed and his wings were firmly tucked within his chest.

My tail quivered with an eerie feeling. I sighed and rolled over, careful not to move too fast. Lani seemed to be reading my thoughts. “Jarre was very worried about you in the caverns,” She said mystically. “He insisted upon saving you.” Codan nodded as he lifted Misha and Polo up onto his lap.

“Just before you unleashed your thunder attack, Jarre stunned the Aggron with a flamethrower.” I stared at Jarre in awe. He unleashed a flamethrower…to save me?

“That must have been hard for him to do.” I said slowly.

“The same way you did yours.” Codan replied.

Lani snorted a wisp of fire into the air. “You have a good friend there, Zanna. Don’t lose him.” I nodded. I won’t.

~ ~ ~

A shadow stood outside, underneath the window. Tapping his paws against the stones, Rye listened carefully to their conversation. Of course, by now the story of the amazing rescue was known throughout the entire town. Rye’s ears pricked as they began to talk about the Torchic--Jarre, he was called.

They may have what it takes, Rye thought as a smile spread across his face. He hardly dared to take a peek through the window in case the PRA spotted him. Listening was all he needed. I’ve never heard of a Pikachu so strong. Maybe the legends are true. Rye folded his arms and closed his eyes.

The sharp voice of the Houndoom resonated through the room. Silence followed, but breaking through the silence came a small tune. I know this tune, Rye thought, as he opened his eyes in awe. The Song of the Guardian of the North Wind…

~ ~ ~

I lay frozen to the spot as the tune from Lani’s throat deepened. The majestic notes sounded almost as though they were alive. They urged me to jump and soar, although my body was far from reaching that stage yet. The song ended abruptly on a low note that rang and echoed in the room.

I was still spellbound, but at least I had my voice back. “What was that?” I asked Lani, still half absorbed by the imaginary notes. Lani closed her eyes and drew a paw back and forth across the floor.

“That was the Song of the Guardian of the North Wind,” Lani replied with a hint of thrill in her voice. “Suicune has been said to have amazing powers. It can heal sick water and bring back life to dying plants and trees.”

She opened her eyes and a glimmer of hope flashed through them. “It is also said that the melody of the song can help with the healing of injured spirits.” I turned my head towards Jarre.

As I reached out with my senses, somehow he felt more alive. Could it be that the song was actually working? Codan held both Polo and Misha between his paws. Somehow they seemed more jumpy now that the song had been sung. “I know the legend of Suicune!” Misha exclaimed excitedly. “Would you like to hear it?” Codan hushed her with a gentle word.

“Now is not the time for stories. Look.” He nodded towards Jarre’s bed. The slightest twitch passed through his wings.

“Jarre!” I cried. Ignoring the warning from Codan and the throbbing pain in my side, I rushed over to Jarre’s bed.

My eyes brimmed with silky tears as he began to stir. His blue eyes were still dull, but as they opened, I knew he was back.

“Zanna?…” Jarre’s voice was husky, but it was his.

“Jarre…” All I could do was stand there beside his bed, quivering. A small smile spread across my face as Jarre focused his hazy eyes upon me.

He smiled weakly. “That was a very strong thunder attack you did.” I almost gave a short laugh. Instead, I replied,

“I heard you used a flamethrower attack,” I lowered my voice so that it was almost a whisper. “To save me.” Jarre’s brow furrowed and he turned his head away.

“I had to do what I could, Zanna. To save you and Polo.” I knew there was more, but I didn’t want to push him too hard just yet. “I’m glad.” Was all I said. Misha and Polo jumped on the bed and smiled warmly at Jarre. Lani came over and nudged him gently with her snout.

“How are you feeling?” Jarre grinned at her.

“Better. But still weak.” She nodded and sat down to watch the two Chikorita. I felt something press down on my shoulder. Codan stared down at me with a kind face.

“Can I have a word?” I frowned, but answered anyway.

“Sure.” I nodded. Codan led me to a corner of the room and spoke quietly.

“You handled yourself pretty good down there in the caverns.” I scratched my head and smiled.

“I wanted to help.” My fur bristled with anticipation for some unknown reason. Codan continued.

“With some training, I think you could become a first-class rescuer.” I hardly dared to believe it. Me…a rescuer?

“You mean I can join the PRA?” Codan winked.

“As a rescuer in training.” My face lit up and somehow I felt myself starting to cry. I hurriedly wiped away my tears and rushed over to Jarre. Everyone cleared as I came towards him.

“How would you like to become my rescue partner?”

For a moment, seeing the shocked expression on his face, I didn’t think he’d answer. But when he did reply, it was just as I’d hoped. “It wouldn’t be a team with just one now, would it?” His eyes glimmered and his beak widened in a grin. Then we both started to laugh. A rescue team…with Jarre. What could be better?

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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