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There's more issues in Pokemon than there are in any Anime that can be thought of, outside of Legend of the Crystals.

- First, Pikachu should be WAY stronger than he is now. He's been in THREE GAMES' worth of battles! So why is he still getting his butt kicked by beginner Trainers? If this show's gonna follow the freaking game, then it should start using the same mechanics.

- In the Celebi movie, if Sam saw Ash as a kid, wouldn't he have mentioned something about that in the first episode?

- Then there's that masked member of Team Rocket. A super villain, or a one-time fad? You decide.

- And what's with Ash walking everywhere? Why doesn't he just use Charizard to FLY where he wants to go. It'd sure be faster and he'd be able to get there on time.

- And the plot. What can I say about the plot? It just leaves me utterly speechless. Especially since each season/Region/etc... has Ash doing the same thing all over again. What's the freaking point of it all?

- And whenever something cool or interesting comes along (like Paul or Team Aqua and Magma), the writer just simply forgets about it and moves on with the Region, almost as if some cosmic producer from Hell set a stringent deadline for the next episode. It's just ridiculous that fans (including myself) are still fooled into believing that the plot might actually GO somewhere.

I know that the plot does try to follow the games, but it's just ridiculous how repetitive and tedious the show is. I mean, when you've got Sanrio coming up with better plots for their characters than Nintendo can, then you know something's FUBAR'd.
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