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Talking Re: Has anyone seen "Electric Soldier Porygon"?

Originally Posted by pokefreak_51 View Post's the story behind that?
From Wikipedia:

Its episode 38, banned from being shown because of something that happened December 16, 1997 in Japan.

About 20 minutes into the episode, there was a scene in which Pikachu stops some rockets with his lightning attack, resulting in a huge explosion that flashed red and blue lights. Although there were similar parts in the episode with red and blue flashes, this scene was extremely intense, for these flashes were extremely bright strobe lights, with blinks at a rate of about 12 Hz for approximately 4 seconds in almost fullscreen, and then for 2 seconds outright fullscreen.

At this point, viewers started to complain of blurred vision, headaches, dizziness and nausea; in a sense, this might be considered a striking occurrence in actual reality of the literary trope known as the motif of harmful sensation. A few people even had seizures, blindness, convulsions and lost consciousness. Japan's Fire Defense Agency reported that a total of 685 children (310 boys, 375 girls) were taken to hospitals by ambulances. Although many children recovered during the ambulance trip, more than 150 of them were admitted to hospitals. Two people remained hospitalized for over 3 weeks.

Scientists believe that the flashing lights triggered photosensitive seizures in which visual stimuli such as flashing lights can cause altered consciousness. Although scientists know that approximately 1 in 4,000 people (0.5–0.8% of children between 5–13 years old) are susceptible to these types of seizures, the number of people affected by this Pokémon episode was unprecedented.

That's what happened XDD But I am still tempted to watch the episode!!!

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