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Default Re: Pokemon Dash and Pokemon Emerald Release Dates for the US!

Hmm, I didn't expect Pokemon Emerald to be released so late... mabye it's just 'cause we've been hearing about it since its earliest production states... and that because of those previews I was thinking the game would be released right around the beginning of the year. Was it the same way with the Ruby/Sapphire games before they were released? If it was, I had never really noticed before.

Pearl and Diamond are going to be interesting to see on the DS. I can't wait for the first couple screen shots to be posted up to see if they will take a whole new approach to the gameplay. I'm expecting that they will, seeing that they're working with a whole new era of handheld graphics. Well anyways, I still hope some key elements remain in this upcoming series, as well as in the future games, as it won't truly be a Pokemon game without them.
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