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Default Re: Blood Floods New Shop!! Now Open!!NEW Stuff!Need Requests

Originally Posted by Lord Lambchop View Post
uh a couple things first i think you stole houndoom pokeball from and also i think you should work on revamps and trophys

secondly ill request :)

Animation of Hero to Evil try to make it kinda like a slow tranformation if you can please

heres sprites (thanks pikablue pie for it):
ok im on it and no i didnt steal it i learned how to do it there and it said houndoom was ez so i made that one

Originally Posted by Pink Leon View Post
you can make animations, right? can you put together these three pichu scratches for an animation for me? pretty pleeeeaaase?
Np that will be ez

Originally Posted by katosen27 View Post
PKMN: Luxray
Angel and Devil sprite, please? :3


Gardevoir as an angel too?

Thnx in advance :3
ok im on it

EDIT:Ok here are the ones that are done

Ok pink took me a while but i got it to work so here it is hope u like it
P.S. Lord Lambchop im going to do urs last and take some time on it and do an experement to make it switch more smoothly
P.S.S.Well it didnt work so i had to do wut u see up there

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