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Default Re: Pokemon Errors!

I don't think they're errors. Since pokemon has been going on for 7-10 years already, you notice the characters don't age and of course the Plot is going to be very very limited.

However, only Sam Oak ever saw those pokemon, and he did state that there might as well be more pokemon in the future.

However, what we don't know is if he retained the Memory from that time, or not. Maybe when he got Transported back, he lost his memory of the incident.

IRL there's no way there's can be a time travel back, since it's always going to end up in a never ending loop. If any one has seen the harry potter movies.. when harry, harmanie and that other kid go back in time to save that griffon... but anyway.

Or it could be that professor knew all along... but who is going to believe a child when he said, "look at that! I saw this pokemon when cerebitransported me into the future.

Also think of the word "Discovered" in real life, nothing is really Scientifically discovered until it's officially documented with a proper example, photographic and genetic evidence.

Even if Lucario and Skymory was in that movie before there were pokeballs, couild just be region.... but yeah.. don't think too deeply in a cartoon....

Especially a cartoon where no one ages.

Ash should now be 24, and should have grown some facial hair...

Thankyou xCJ for the shiney charmanders and Feebas' ^_^ rawr
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