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Default Re: What is your worst Pokemon G/S/C experience

Call me crazy, but I did a lot more things than my
first post.

*Made red gyrados faint
*Made Suicuine faint
*On first file before what happened on my first post, I used my Master Ball on a Magnemite

Since it was Crystal version, I found out I needed Suicuine and the other two
to make the stairs appear to Ho-oh.

I didn't know ANYTHING about Pokemon when I got that free Crystal version as
a free bonus game in a different game pack for my birthday.
Although I didn't play it for a while because whenever I started, I didn't know how to
get out of the house.

Yeah, I know, I was SO clueless way back then. It took half a year before I tried running past that mat on the floor.
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