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Default The Crazy Poke-Maniac PG-13 Chapter 4

Alright, here's the last chapter.

The Crazy Poke-Maniac
Chapter Four: The End

Back outside Nicholas’s room, the battle between Mewcario and Flygon had begun. Flygon was able to hit Mewcario, but it hadn’t done much. “Oh yeah that’s right. A dragon type move would be pretty ineffective right? Let’s try that again, use Flamethrower!” Brandon ordered his Flygon’s next move, but the Poke-Maniac wasn’t going to just let him attack.

“I don’t think so, use Pulse Bomb on that dragon Mewcario!” The Professor said to his creation and it quickly charged up a ball of energy and hurled it at Flygon.

“Dodge it and use Fire Blast!” Brandon quickly replied to Mewcario’s attack. Flygon flew out of the way and shot a giant blast of flames at Mewcario who tried to use Protect to shield itself, but it didn’t work. Mewcario was blasted a ways back, but got back up using its psychic powers.

“Alright, use psychic on his Flygon!” The Professor said to his pink Lucario-like Pokemon. Mewcario closed its eyes and concentrated on Flygon, then a purple aura appeared around Flygon’s entire body and Mewcario made him slam itself into the wall. Flygon soon managed to shake off the attack though and fired another flamethrower at his opponent. Mewcario jumped out of the way however and used Pulse Bomb, which hit Flygon, sending him back a bit.

“Try Fire blast again!” Brandon said to his injured dragon and it sent another blast of fire at Mewcario. Mewcario was hit but it quickly attacked right after that with a counter move, Flygon was knocked to the floor but it was able to get up after a struggle. Brandon tried his hardest to think of some way he could stop him from doing that, then he got an idea.

“Flygon, use your Sandstorm attack!” Brandon told his Pokemon and winked at it. Mewcario put down its guard, and then Flygon shot another Fire Blast at him!? It was a direct hit and sent Mewcario flying, but he teleported back to his position and then used another Pulse Bomb on him. Flygon was exhausted from firing two super powerful fire moves in such a short time though, and was hit which knocked him down again.

“Get up Flygon, you can do this!” Brandon and Sparks encouraged their friend and it rose up after a bit. “Use your Sandstorm!” Brandon told Flygon and it started to flap its wings, creating sand some how and then making it move around violently. Mewcario was not expecting this and had used Protect, that’s when Brandon saw his opening.

“Use Fire Blast one more time!” Brandon told his green dragon and it obeyed. Somehow it had summoned up the energy for one more fire blast and he sent it at Mewcario.

“Use Protect again, quick!” Nicholas cried as he realized he had been tricked. Mewcario managed to use the move, but the blast when straight through it, sending him flying. “Use your Pulse Bomb!” The Poke-Maniac cried out as he saw his creation go flying.

Mewcario managed to summon up another Pulse Bomb and hurled it at the seriously exhausted Flygon. Mewcario crashed into the wall and fainted, and the Pulse Bomb hit the un-expecting Flygon, causing it to faint. The battle had been a tie and both trainers recalled their Pokemon.

Meanwhile, we’ll rewind to the time as when this battle started, but instead at Zach’s location…

Zach’s Garchomp charged at the Dark Charizard and managed to hit him thanks to his amazing speed, and the Dark Charizard flinched. “Use Rock Tomb on it now!” Zach told his dragon Pokemon and it quickly encased the Dark Charizard in a tomb of rocks that slowly got smaller and smaller causing a good bit of damage to the evil Pokemon.

“Ha, that might work on a regular Charizard, but this one is much better and full of more hate, and hate equal power!” Herman started ranting on about how his Pokemon was stronger, and then he told Dark Charizard to stop fooling around. “Now break out of there and use Dark Fire Spin!” The evil dragon easily broke its tomb and sent a spiral of black flames at Garchomp.

“Use your Surf to stop the flames, and then rain dance!” Zach told his dragon Pokemon. Garchomp summoned up a big wave that washed away the flames and headed for Dark Charizard but it flew up and out of the way. Garchomp then started doing an odd dance, and rain started to fall in the building.

“Dive at him and use Seismic Toss!” Herman told his evil Pokemon and it flew at Garchomp and grabbed him, then he flew up into the air with the land shark Pokemon.

“Use your Dragon Pulse!” Zach told his Pokemon and it fired a supersonic dragon attack at Dark Charizard from point blank, causing him to let go, and Dark Charizard started to fall down with Garchomp. “Use Stone Edge on it to finish it!” Zach said as the Pokemon fell to the ground. Garchomp’s right arm glowed, and he slammed it into the black Charizard. The Pokemon landed, and Garchomp got up. Zach put it back in the Pokeball thinking he had won, but he was wrong.

The Dark Charizard got up and started running at Zach, when a boulder went flying at it, crushing the pokemon’s skull. Both trainers turned to see who it was and it was a tall blonde haired man with blue eyes who was wearing a police outfit. In front of him was Geochop, it had hurled the boulder at Herman’s Pokemon, and he still had one left in his other hand just in case. Behind the blonde haired man were a couple of other police officers, Officer Jenny, and… Professor Birch?

“Marko, you’re a cop? Aw crud, our plan is ruined! I’m out of here!” Herman said in disbelief when he saw them; he threw down a smoke grenade and ran off to tell Nicholas what had happened, leaving the Dark Charizard’s body lying there on the ground as it was dead. Marko, Officer Jenny, and Professor Birch ran up to see if Zach and May were okay and the other police officers went to chase Herman and to destroy the remaining specimens.

“Are you two all right? Did I get here in time, what about the other kid?” Marko asked hastily as did the other two.

“Yeah, he’s battling your brother Professor Birch,” May replied to them and then turned to Marko. “What’s up with you helping them out and now us?”

“Oh, I was an undercover agent. They could tell that Nicholas must have been going to plan something so they sent me. C’mon, let’s go help Brandon.” Marko explained to May & Zach and then the five of them ran to Brandon and Nicholas’s location.

They reached where Brandon and his Uncle were just as Flygon and Mewcario had gotten knocked out. Brandon & Sparks turned to greet their saviors and talked to them.

“Boy am I glad you’re here. Now we’ve got him cornered.”

The Professor reached for a Pokeball and then saw Herman behind him. He had obviously taken a different path than the others and lost the officers. He spoke to the group that had him cornered.

“So, I see you were a spy Marko. Well know this; I will also have my revenge on you too, as well as my Brother along with his son and your friends. Until we meet again, farewell. The Poke-Maniac will be back!” Nicholas told them and then a large bird appeared from his Pokeball. It was blue all over except the tail and beak which retained their original color but other than that it seemed like an oversized Honchcrow. Nicholas and Herman jumped on to it.

“Use Ice Beam, Honcheon!” Nicholas told the Pokemon to freeze a wall in front of them, and it took off after blasting a hole through the ceilings with some Hyper Beams.

Brandon punched the ice wall in anger at not being able to stop his Uncle, put May put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay Brandon, I’m sure you’ll see him again some day.” May reassured her white haired boyfriend.

“Do you think so?” Brandon asked after he thought about it.

“I’m certain you’ll be seeing my brother again. He told me he’d get revenge on me all those years ago and he just tried it. He’ll definitely be back son.” This time it was Professor Birch who had spoken up.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to really beat that Herman dude, and I’m sure he wants to beat me too.” Zach said

The police finished destroying all of Nicholas’s creations that he hadn’t taken with him, and they went outside of the Clinic. The Police and Marko left, leaving Brandon, his dad, Zach, and May.

“Well, that was pretty freaky. I guess I’ll see you all later, I’m off to Johto now.” Zach told his friends as took out a Pokeball and threw it in the air, releasing a purple dinosaur-like Pokemon with wings, it was his Aerodactyl.

“Oh yeah that’s right, your vacation from Blackthorn University is about to end right?” Professor Birch said to the brown spiky haired trainer and he nodded. Zach got on Aerodactyl and waved at his friends as he flew off.

“Yeah, I have to go to Johto too. I can’t let Drew and the others get ahead of me. See you two later!” May said to Brandon and Professor Birch and she started to run off to her home.

“I guess that means we just broke up then because I’m going to the Orange Islands.” Brandon said to himself and then he turned to his dad. “Hey, can you take Flygon for me? I need to get a head start too and he needs to get healed. I’ll just take a boat to the Orange Islands. I’ll call you when I need him okay dad?”

“No problem son, see you later!” Professor Birch called to his son after Brandon handed him Flygon’s Pokeball. Brandon waved to his dad and then he & Sparks ran off to find a way to the Orange Islands.

As the group departed, they all thought of when the Poke-Maniac would strike again…

That's the end for now, but look out for the next one that's coming soon.
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