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Default Pokemon Online Game A Good Idea? Jim Merrick Thinks So!

Pokemon Online Game A Good Idea? Jim Merrick Thinks So!

Jim Merrick, Senior Director of European Marketing, was interviewed by Edge magazine to talk about online multiplayer gaming. He brings up that Pokemon would make a good game, saying that a Pokemon online game "could work very well." Here's that part of the interview:

Edge: But those hurdles - technological and financial - are diminishing. What will the situation be when they become negligible?

Merrick: I think online can be a compelling feature in the right game, so I can play with people I know rather than strangers, rather than being beaten by an eight-year-old who has devoted a significant portion of their young life to that particular game. Nintendo has a lot of properties which could be compelling online - let's say Pokemon, that could work very well. Would that mean that people would stop playing Pokemon offline? Not at all. It's just a feature, a strong feature. It's like multiplayer gaming. A strong multiplayer game must always stand on its own feet as a strong singleplayer game because your friends aren't always around.

Before moving to the Europe position in 2003, Merrick was with Nintendo of America as a Software Engineering Manager and Network Marketing Director. He worked with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata on network and internet game strategy for Nintendo.

So what does this all mean? Well obviously there's no official plans for a Pokemon online game. However, if Nintendo ever goes to the internet gaming business (which I think is only a matter of time), then it sounds like a online Pokemon title would be a good idea for Nintendo. If Merrick thinks it's a good idea, that's a good sign.

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