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Default Re: The Adventures of Charlie The Unicorn: candy mountain and more favorites. [so fun

Charlie the Unicorn Episode 2

Bonnie: charlie wake up
Sammy: yeah charlie wake up!
charlie: nooooo! you already tried to kill me with the candy mountain thing
bonnie: no. we found a route to the magic tree bark.
sammy: yeah charlie
bonnie: wont you come with us?
charlie: No!
sammy: c'mon charlie c'mon charlie
bonnie: yeah charlie c'mon
charlie: FINE!
they walk to a dead whale
bonnie: look! the boar of knowledge!
dead whale: bleh!!! bleh!!!
sammy: it has spoken!
bonnie: lets go!
charlie: there is no magic tree bark
sammy: shun the disbeileifer!
bonnie: we're here!
charlie: there IS magic tree bark
magictreebark: bark! bark!
charlie: help!
bonnie: help!
sammy: help!
they run out of the valley of incredible stupidness
tune in for the next charlie the unicorn