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Default The Crazy Poke-Maniac Ch 3: Mutated Horrors!

Chapter 3: Mutated Horrors!

Zach was standing in front of the chamber that contained some odd Pokemon; it was covered in a dark green liquid too so he couldn’t tell what it looked like. “Only someone who was totally messed up in the head would make something like this…” Zach said as he looked at it. Just then after he finished saying that, it opened up. A big purple Syther with red metallic claws that were dripping with poison and the green liquid that it was in stepped out of it and looked at Zach. The thing’s eyes were completely red and it had no pupils. It was a mindless zombie currently that just wanted to hunt down its prey.

“Whoa, what is that thing? If I had to guess, I’d call it a…” Zach tried to think of a name for his opponent as nothing deserved to die before it had been given a name. He reached for his Pokeball containing his loyal Electivire and touched the little circle on it, releasing his electric Pokemon.

“Okay, I got it. Your name is Sycibok. (Sai - Se – Bok) Seeing as how you look like a cross between a Syther, Scizor, and an Arbok. Okay Electivire, lets put this thing out of its misery, use Thunder Punch!” Zach had finally found an appropriate name for the poor creature and just in time too. The Sycibok had leapt at him, his red, poison scythe like hands glowed but Electivire’s Thunder Punch hit the mutated Pokemon before it got the chance to hit Zach. The Sycibok was sent flying into the chamber, breaking it. The creature was covered in even more green stuff now, and it seemed to have grown a little bigger. He leaped at Electivire now with the same attack that he tried using on Zach.

“Electivire, use Protect and then counter with Iron Tail!” Zach said to his Pokemon as it battled the monster. “Electi!” His Pokemon said as he obeyed his orders. A green barrier appeared around Electivire shielding it from the unknown attack. Then Electivire’s two tails glowed and he jumped up and slammed them into the Sycibok which caused it to slam right into the floor making a dent in it and causing the Sycibok to faint.

“Alright, put it out of its misery Electivire, Fire Punch!” Zach commanded his electric Pokemon to kill the mutated Pokemon, and it did so. Electivire’s fist became surrounded by a flame, and he slammed it into the Sycibok, leaving a huge burn mark where it had hit him.

“Nothing should survive that, it was a probably a grass, poison, steel type so it had the biggest weakness to fire that you could possibly imagine. Good job Electivire, I’m sure there are others like it in the other rooms but they won’t pose a threat, plus you deserve a rest. That one only woke up after I said something to it so we’ll tell Brandon and May in the morning, return.” Zach thought aloud and he returned Electivire to his Pokeball. He then grabbed a test tube out of his lab coat and put some of the green liquid that had caused the Sycibok to grow in to it. He then snuck back to his room and went to sleep.


In the morning Brandon, May, & Zach woke up at the same time, it was still a little dark outside too. Zach quickly went over to May & Zach’s room and knocked on it after he was sure the professor wasn’t up yet. Brandon got up from a chair he was sitting in and went and opened the door sleepily.

“Waszit Zach?” Brandon said in slurred speech.

“Let me in and I’ll tell you.” Zach told him in a low voice. Brandon let Zach in and they sat down at the table with May and Sparks.

“Your not gonna believe what happened to me last night!” Zach started to tell them but Brandon cut in.

“Weren’t you asleep, because if you weren’t you should have heard those people who broke in last night too?”

“Someone broke in? I was off exploring this place, why don’t you tell me what happened to you guys first?” Zach informed Brandon and then they told him what happened.

“They used unknown Pokemon? Last night some thing tried attacking me too, but Electivire took care of him. The thing that attacked me was in a chamber along with this stuff.” Zach said as he pulled out the test tube containing the green substance.

“You were attacked by something? What was it?” Brandon and May asked their friend and he told them what had happened to him.

“No way, I can’t believe he’d make those things!” Brandon said in disbelief after he found out that his Uncle had fused Pokemon hidden up stairs. May was too scared just from hearing about the creature to say anything though.

“Well believe me, it happened. We need to have a talk with your uncle.” Zach said to his friends and they agreed.


The three of them walked out of the room and down to Professor’s room and they knock on the door and he answered.

“Oh, good morning ready to continue the tour?” Nicholas asked the trio cheerily but they didn’t return the gesture. Zach showed him the test tube containing the green liquid and he asked what it was.

“Would you mind telling us what’s in this test tube, Professor?” Zach asked him and he looked surprised.

“I have no idea what that is Zach, where did you find it?” He replied to their surprise.

“Don’t play dumb with us. I found this upstairs in some lab, it was in a chamber along with some Pokemon that you spliced together.” Zach told the Professor, and he finally spilled it.

“Alright, it’s true. But it’s not like you can stop me! I have the remote to awaken them all now, and I have one on me as well. Go, Mewcario!” The Professor slipped a Pokeball out of his sleeve, and threw it down, releasing a Pokemon shaped like a Lucario, only it was completely pink and it had a Mew tail. The spikes that would have been on it as well were gone. The Professor held up a remote control that had a button on it, and he pushed it.

“Now all of my creations are awake! I was going to ease you into the idea of joining me you three, but you just had to go snooping around. Soon Marko and Herman will be here too. There’s no escape you three,” The Professor said triumphantly as he watched the horror appear on their faces. “now use Pulse Bomb on them Mewcario!” Nicholas commanded his creation to attack the trainers.

“Get out of the way!” Brandon yelled as he pushed May and Zach to the ground with Sparks and himself.

“Use Thunder on that thing Sparks!” Brandon said to his Pikachu and it fired a bolt of lightning at Mewcario.

“Use Protect, Mewcario!” The Professor ordered the Lucario and Mew fusion and it blocked Spark’s attack.

“This is going to take a really powerful Pokemon to take it down,” Brandon said aloud as he reached for another Pokeball. Sparks jumped back on to his trainer’s snowy looking white hair once he got the que that he was done. “I choose you, go Flygon!” Brandon threw a Pokeball up in the air and out came his light green, red eyed dragon ready to prove his strength. “Zach, take May and get out of here, I’ll handle my Uncle.” The white haired teen told his rival and then turned his attention to Mewcario after Zach had nodded and took off along with May.

“Start with Dragon Claw on him Flygon!” Brandon said to his trump card Pokemon. The dragon then took off at Mewcario with its claw’s ready to shred it apart.

As Zach and May ran to get out, they ran into Herman. He was the trainer with the Sevbok from last night, and he sent it out again. Herman was a tall man, he was about 6’4, and he was also pretty muscular. He had short brown hair and green eyes, and he was wearing a Team Rocket uniform.

“So, you’re the other kid who came with them. I guess Brandon is facing the Professor right? Why don’t you and I play until my partner gets here?” Herman challenged Zach to a battle and he accepted.

“All right then loser, I choose Houndoom!” Zach threw a Pokeball in the air and a black dog Pokemon with bones around its body appeared. Its mouth however was a reddish orange color and its ears were bones too that were curved towards its back.

“Start with a Poison Fang attack Sevbok!” Herman commanded and the black colored Arbok & Seviper mutation to attack the Houndoom. It opened its mouth wide exposing its two big red fangs that were dripping with poison.

“Torch that poor creature with Flamethrower, Houndoom.” Zach calmly replied to Sevbok’s attack. The stupid snake dove right into the flames and it was a direct hit but Sevbok hadn’t fainted yet.

“Finish it with Flame Wheel before it gets back up.” Zach told his canine like Pokemon and it obeyed, spitting out a flame in the shape of a wheel at the defenseless Pokemon before it had a chance to make its next move.

“Alright, there’s no way you’ll win against this one though. I just grabbed it from one of the chambers that the Professor opened. Go, Dark Charizard!” Herman hurled a Pokeball in the air and out came what seemed to be an ordinary shiny Charizard, except for one thing, it had completely red eyes and it seemed like something extremely evil had entered the area.

“Now I’m sure you’re wondering what’s so special about this guy. I’ll tell you, he was created completely from scratch, and was made to be an evil, killing machine. The ultimate monster you might say.” Herman informed Zach who had looked a little confused.

“I see I’ll have to use something stronger to take out this abomination, return Houndoom, you did a great job.” Zach said as he recalled his dog Pokemon, and then enlarged another Pokeball he had retrieved from his lab coat. “Go, Garchomp!” Zach said as he threw the Pokeball into the air. A big blue land shark looking Pokemon appeared and he roared at Dark Charizard.

“That’s right, take that thing down Garchomp. Start with a Dragon Rush!” Zach told his land shark Pokemon that he was looking at the right thing, and commanded him to attack the Dark Charizard. Garchomp ran towards the evil Charizard at unimaginable speeds with its arm’s stretched out, making it look like a jet.

The trio is in a tight spot now that the Poke-Maniac has released all of his mutated Pokemon on the Clinic. Will they escape with their lives? Brandon is currently battling his evil Uncle, and Zach is facing off against one of the crooks from last night but what about the other crook, and what will May do now?

Okay, I changed the title, but I can't change the board name. I want to know if you think it's a good name before I do that. Also, I might have chapter 4 up later and it may or may not be the last chapter. I won't be able to work on this for a while as i'll be busy starting tommorrow, to the end of next week.

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