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Default The Adventures of Charlie The Unicorn: candy mountain and more favorites. [so funny]

Hi, i am telling the story of Charlie the Unicorn and how his life is a total disaster and stuff... well its gonna be funny and sort of stupid if you know what i mean... well here we go

Charlie The Unicorn

bonnie: charlie charlie! wake up!
sammy: yeah wake up ya silly sleepy head!
charlie: what? what? the frikin meadow better be on fire or else-
bonnie: no charlie. we're going to candy mountain!
sammy: won't you come with us charlie?
charlie: no!
bonnie: charlie come on! charlie! charlie charlie charlie!( as she jumps ontop of him)
charlie: Fine! i'll go with you!
sammy: come on charlie!
bonnie: the magic fart will lead the way!
as they are walking they spot a dying whale which bonnie and sammy call "the magic fart"
sammy: The magic fart has spoken!
bonnie: that way!
they run over to a bridge and start walking across it.
charlie: is anyone else here getting like covered in frikin splinters?
sammy: they're magical splinters charlie
bonnie: yah because we're walking across a magical bridge
charlie: yeah sure... you know there is no real candy mountain.
as they finish walking across the bridge they spot candy mountain!
sammy: shun the disbeliever because we are here
bonnie: go inside thee candy cave charlie
sammy: yeah charlie
charlie: i don't think so
the letters that spell candy suddenly appear and start singing.
C: ooooooh! if you go in the candy cave it will fill you with love and joy!
A: the candy cave is just a magicaaal woooooonder!
N: with candy candy cnady sweets sweets sweets in the woooonnnnddddeeeerrrrfffffuuuullll candy caaaaaaaaave!
D: with gum and lolipops and skittles and chocolate and peanuts and hairy dick ooooooops!
Y: and thats all we have to say so go in the candy cave!

charlie: ok! ok! i'll go in!
charlie walks in the candy cave
bonnie: goodbye charlie!
sammy: goodbye charlie!
charlie: what do you mean goo-
suddenly the door to the cave closes and voices start coming out of no where and then... suddenly charlie wakes up.
charlie: huh? what happened? aw krap! they took my frikin candy!