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Default Re: if me and my firneds were placed in the pokemon world what would it be like? see

as i left the adoption enter the earth started to rumble but louder and harder now.
pidgeotto fly! we flew up into the air and saw buildings popping up in the place of other buildings!holy smokes! now there were team aqua and magma members running around!
a storm? i questioned.
when i looked i saw... KYOGRE!!! and now there were huge footsteps? GROUDON!!! what? everything is getting louder? DIALGO AND PALKIA!!! KRAP!!!
i looked around and saw a ralts. hmmmm. i said. I an use it to teleport those evil goons and monsters to another city. i quickly chose treecko who use quick kick on it and i threw a poke ball and caught it.
go ralts! i said. use teleport! all the huge legendarys were teleported away. but the goons stayed. darn! i guess we'll have to fight them i said sadly.
i took out my poknave and called a bunch of friends. Chris and madi william and ryan gwen and brittney everyone!
how dare you try to interear with our line of duty!some magma and aqua members.
So what are you gonna do about it! i yelled.
we challenge you to a battle! they said.
(action music turns on)
Jake vs grunt
chris vs grunt
madi vs grunt
william vs grunt
amelia vs grunt
tune in next time to see how ir turns out