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Default Re: ~Pokemyths...~

Thunder and lightning were still raging and some pokegods looked at Susano

Susano: "I don't understand that, my rage is long pased and it's still a bad weather there! I'll tell you that I just made a Tornaido and Tsunami and then I went to rest from my rage, I don't even know where's that came from, but I'll try to calm it down!"

Susano concentrated as hard as he could, but the thunder, rain and lightning wouldn't stop no matter what he did, oposite to it, it became even worst!

Susano: " I can't belive it, the weather isn't listening to me, it's seems like the same thing that happened with Posidon! I don't know what I will do now! Oh dear, just imagine how many of inocent people will die if that raging weather wouldn't calm soon and I can't do anything about it! This is all my faulth, why did that rage came to me and made me harm those people down there? What did they do to angry me so much? I don't even know weather I can live with that shame! Wheare is Odin, we must seek advice from him, he's one of the wisest anoung us, he must know the solution! What should I do now, because of me all that weather going crazy and there is nothing I can do about it!!!"

Susano turned to his fellows pokegods.

Susano: " I did all of that bad weather because of my stupit rage! Now, punish me as you want, I think I deserve to be banished forever from Yagdrosil! So do as you please with me and Artemis, I'm sorry for all of the bad things I ever done to you, I just hope that it would be better without me here!"

Susano turned as if he was about to leave.
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