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Default Re: The Pokemon Dimwit PG-13

The Crazy Poke-Maniac
Chapter Two: A Break in?

As Brandon, Sparks, May, and Zach entered the Clinic, Nicholas led them down a hall to a room with a sign on it that read “Break Room”. The four of them went in and sat down at a table there. Brandon and May sat right next to each other, Nicholas sat opposite of them, and Zach sat on one of the free sides. Then Brandon’s uncle started to talk,

“So, I hear you’re a Pokemon trainer Brandon. You seem to be a natural at it as you won the Hoenn Championship on your first try.” The Professor said to his nephew.

“Yeah, I guess so. I also beat the Battle Frontier and place in the top four in the Kanto Championship.” Brandon told his uncle as he looked around the room. There were soda machines, snack machines, a fridge, and even a TV. He must have spent a lot on this place, not including the medical technology he must have as well.

“So what are your names?” Nicholas asked Zach and May.

“I’m May Maple, Norman’s daughter. I’m a Pokemon coordinator. I started a year after Brandon did, so I’ve only been through two grand festivals. I’m about to go to Johto after I’m done visiting my parents.” May had decided to go first and she introduced herself.

“Ah, so you’re Norman’s daughter. Are you going to become the gym leader when he retires?” The Professor asked her.

“No, that’s my younger brother’s job. He just started training to become a Pokemon trainer recently. I’m going to become a famous coordinator and travel all over.” May informed Nicholas.

“Ah I see, and what about you young man?” The Professor said to Zach.

“I’m Zach Elk, I’m from Johto. I’ve been to just about every region there is so far. Recently I decided to start studying to become a Pokemon professor as well.” Zach told the fellow professor.

“Good good, we need all the help we can get. I wish you luck on that. Now, let me give you all a tour.” The Professor said as he stood up. The other rose as well, and they walked back into the hall way.

“So uncle, do you have any employees yet?” Brandon asked as they walked down the hall.

“Just two, they aren’t here right now though but they’ll be back by tomorrow. You will spend the night right?” The Professor asked his nephew.

“Well it is getting late, so I guess so.” Brandon said to his uncle. May and Zach agreed to stay as well. As they got back to where they had entered, they went to the opposite hall way, then the tour began.

“Very good, now then this hall is for human inpatients. All the rooms have bed, a TV, and a button for room service. Moving on we have,” The Professor explained as they turned a corner. “The hall for Pokemon inpatients, all of these rooms have poke block filled fridges and a TV along with a bed of course. Some of them have tiny pools as well.” The Professor said as they moved down the hall.

The place was getting a little spooky now that it was dark outside, even though the lights were on in the building. They got to the end of the hall and they went through a door, on the other side was a huge room with chairs alongside the walls, another door at the other side of the room, and next to it was a window that was currently shut. On the other side of it was a little office.

“Through that door are the outpatient rooms. Nothing in those rooms except a desk and a bed of course. I think that’s all for tonight as it’s getting late. Why don’t we all go to bed?” The Professor suggested to the group and they agreed. Then they walked back to the beginning of the inpatient hallway.

“Brandon and May, you can have room 108. Zach, you’re in 109.” The Professor told them.

“Great, I have to listen to doing who knows what while there together” Zach complained and May hit him.

“Sicko, only you would do something like that.” May scolded him. Brandon just laughed at his rival.

“Well goodnight everyone. We’ll finish the tour tonight, and you can meet my assistants maybe.” The Professor bid them good night and went off to his room. They said good night to each other and went in their rooms.

“I guess he really did become a good person. So there shouldn’t be anything to be scared about while we’re here.” Brandon said to May once they were in their room.

“Yeah I guess so, but this place still gives me the creeps. Let’s hurry up and go to sleep.” May replied to Brandon as she got into bed. Brandon agreed and got in bed as well with Sparks. Meanwhile….

In Zach’s room, he didn’t quite trust the Professor like the others did. Once he was sure the Professor was asleep (seeing as the lights were all turned off.) he snuck out of his room. He headed for the stairs, and looked around once he was on the 2nd floor. There were two hall ways; both of them had signs on the walls next to them so Zach read them.

The one on the right said operating rooms. The left one said staff only. “I guess I’ll take the left one.” Zach said as he turned and walked down the hall on the left. He turned and went in the first door on the right…

Back downstairs, Brandon and May heard a loud sound, like someone had broken a window or something. Brandon woke up Sparks and they sprung out of bed. The three of them quietly opened their door, and saw two figures had broken in through one of the windows in the entrance hall. May called out Eevee and told it to attack them. Brandon & Sparks did the same.

“Eevee, Shadow Ball!” May commanded. “Use Thunder Shock, Sparks!” Brandon told his Pokemon and the two fired their attacks. The Shadow Ball hit right next to one of them and the Thunder Shock hit one, he cried out in pain.

“Ouch! Stupid brats! Let’s take care of them man. Go, Geochop!” The man who had gotten shocked sent out his Pokemon. It looked exactly like a Machop, but it was the same color as a Geodude. It was probably a rock/fighting type.

“All right then, here goes Sevbok!” The other man said, and he sent out a Pokemon that was shaped like an Arbok, but had the color and fangs of a Seviper. It was definitely a grass/poison type.

“What the heck are those?” Brandon pulled out his Pokedex, but it said it had no info on both Pokemon.

“You won’t find these out in the wild kid. Our boss helped us make them. Now we’re going to take all of this old man’s stuff. Too bad we weren’t expecting you, or we would have come with others,” The first man replied, then gave his Geochop an order.

“Geochop, use Rock Throw on that little rat!” Then his partner gave a command. “Sevbok, use Poison Fang on the little fox!”

Geochop hurled a gigantic rock at Sparks, and Sevbok jumped at Eevee with his mouth wide open, poison dripping from its blood red fangs.

“Sparks, dodge with agility, then Volt Tackle the Sevbok thing! There’s no way we’re going to lose to people who run sick experiments like that on their Pokemon,” Brandon told his Pikachu the rocks came hurling towards him. “Eevee, use Shadow Ball then follow up with a quick attack!” May told her fox Pokemon to counter.

Sparks dodged the rocks with ease, and then turned its attention to Sevbok. Eevee had stopped Sevbok’s attack, and then sped at it with a powerful quick attack, hitting it and knocking it back. Sparks began to charge at Sevbok while glowing with electricity, and went to charge straight into the defenseless Sevbok.

“Use Rock Throw on that Pikachu, Geochop!” The first man had said. They were too far away for Brandon and May to see what they looked like, but they were wearing masks. The Geochop hurled a rock straight at Sparks and it hit him, preventing him from landing a critical hit on Sevbok.

“Sparks, are you okay?” Brandon asked his partner. Sparks has been flown back to Brandon when it got hit, but he just got up. “Chu…” He let out a growl to show he was okay, and then Brandon and May plotted their next moves.

“Alright, use Iron Tail on that Geochop Sparks!” Brandon said to Sparks and he ran at Geodude at top speed, dodging the rocks it was still throwing.

“Alright Eevee finish that snake with another Shadow Ball & Quick Attack combo!” May said to her Pokemon and Eevee powered up another purple like energy ball with its mouth and hurled it at the snake-like Pokemon.

“Counter the Iron Tail with Cross Chop!” The first man said to his Geochop. When Sparks came in with his tail glowing, Geochop lashed out at him with his fists. Sparks barely managed to beat the Geodude, but it did get slammed to the floor from the attack. It then got up shortly after, ready for more.

“Use your Dig attack to dodge that Shadow Ball, Sevbok!” The other man commanded, and his Sevbok tried to dig underground to avoid the hit, but it was too slow. The Shadow Ball hit its tail, causing it to stop its descent. Eevee followed up with a Quick Attack, knocking the slower Pokemon out. The man returned Sevbok to it’s Pokeball and was about to use another when they heard a voice from behind them.

“What’s all the commotion out here?” It was Professor Birch; he had heard the battle and had come down to see what it was.

“Oh no, we’d better scram.” The first man said as he returned his Geochop. The evil duo soon fled the scene. May returned Eevee to its Pokeball and Sparks jumped on Brandon’s head.

“Some people tried to break in, but we stopped them.” Brandon said to his uncle once he had arrived at the scene.

“They broke in, who would even know about this place yet? You three and my brother are the only ones who know of this place,” The Professor told the two. “Where’s Zach at? Did he not wake up when he heard it?”

“I guess not. He must be a pretty sound sleeper. We’ll tell him about it in the morning, good night again Uncle.” Brandon bid him good night again and they went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Zach had entered what seemed to be a lab. There were lots of papers on DNA splicing. He looked around and saw a big chamber filled with green liquid, and what looked to be like a Pokemon inside it. He had a mask covering his mouth, and a tube was connected to it.

”Well it looks like Professor Birch was right. That sick freak…” Zach said as he looked at the encased specimen.

Meanwhile, back in the Professor’s room, he was talking on the phone. “Good work you two, now they don’t expect a thing. You’d better actually beat them tomorrow though.”

“No sweat Professor, now that we know what we’re up against it’ll be a cinch. Are your new specimens ready yet by the way?” It was one of the men from before who was talking to Nicholas.

“Yes, they should be awakening tonight. But don’t worry, only if someone knows the right phrase will they come out of their chambers. Good night now.” The Professor informed his two lackeys and then hung up and went to bed.

It looks like the Professor was right about his brother, but what does he have in store for Brandon and his friends? Especially now that the others don’t have a single suspicion of him anymore, except Zach that is.

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