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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Chapter 5 is finally up. Sorry it took so long, but i was sick for the week.

Chapter 5: Recollections

A voice entered my dreams. “Jarre, please be alright…” It was all I could do to hold onto that voice, but even so I felt myself slipping away. No matter how hard I tried, I was still dragged under; succumbed by the darkness.

~ ~ ~

It was as though I was back in my home town, Shale. It was exactly as I remembered it--I was a kid again. I peered into a puddle and saw my blank, blue eyes staring back at me. My feathers were rough and a jagged, black scarf was tied loosely above my wings. But this is how it was for me.

I had to do what I could to survive, even if it meant being a thief. I lived my life on the streets and they welcomed me as the family I never really knew. In Shale, there was only one rule: You’re on your own. Unless of course you were in a gang, which was pretty hard to come by if you lived on the streets.

The alpha gang in Shale was a group of malicious pokemon known as the Darkshades. No-one ever dared to defy them for fear of getting beaten to a pulp by their leader. Scythe was every bit as evil as you could imagine. Her look pretty much gave it away.

Though she was as Absol, you wouldn’t think so just by looking at her. Scythe was twisted by dark powers--cloaked in a layer of dark matter. She had black streaks that tainted her once beautiful white coat, and no-one knew how she got that way. But nobody really cared.

As far as they were concerned, as long as they never met her they were safe. The puddle reflected my thoughts; my memory…To survive, I had to join a gang. And the only one that would even consider letting me join, was Scythe. I shuddered at the thought and my feathers drew in close to my body, as if to protect me from it.

I jumped as the metal lid of a bin hit the ground. The alley I was in was no longer quiet--something stirred in this place. A shadow bounded overhead and landed in front of me without a sound.

“Scythe…” I whispered. She smiled slyly and sat up as tall as she could. I felt something grab me from behind. I tried to scream but my beak was covered by strong hands. I stopped thrashing about and lowered my head to the ground. Scythe spoke, her voice was rich and majestic. But it was not without scorn.

“Let him go, Arc. The binding is not required.” Scythe narrowed her eyes and flicked back her head as the huge arms uncoiled from around me. Arc stepped back and grinned widely. Scythe’s right-hand pokemon was a Gengar. He pushed me forward roughly and I staggered to stay upright.

Scythe looked at me so hard with her red eyes, that in the end I had to turn away. She scraped the ground with one paw, then spoke. “A little birdy told me that someone wanted to join my gang,” She lowered her head to my height and I felt her breath on my face, cold and heartless.

“Is this true?” I gulped and nodded feebly. She frowned and stood up again, turning her back to me. “Do you know this bird whom was sent to me?” I had to lie, it was better not to get him involved.

“No. I just met it the other day.” Scythe seemed unimpressed. She whirled round and I saw that she was holding a struggling Taillow beneath her paw. I remained calm, urging myself not to scream out. Scythe clicked her claws together menacingly.

“So, if I was to kill him, that wouldn’t matter to you?” I clenched my beak tightly and shook my head. The Taillow let out a yelp and turned it’s head towards me. The look in his eyes was horrible. They cut through me like swift blades. I tore my eyes from him and back to Scythe.

“Well then,” She said cruelly, “I guess I don’t need him anymore.” With one fluid motion, she raised a paw and brought it down swiftly.

“Wait!” I screamed. I couldn’t hold my voice any longer. It wasn’t his time to die. The Taillow beat it’s wings against the ground wildly, gasping for air. Scythe didn’t seem to notice. She looked at me firmly and raised an eyebrow.

“Ah, so you do know the little one here. What is it you’re not telling me?” I stole a glance at the Taillow, who was now lying faintly on the ground.

“Nothing,” I lied, “I’ve already told you everything I know.” Scythe bared her fangs and pressed down firmly on the Taillow’s neck. It let out a screech as her claws cut through flesh.

“Don’t toy with me, bird!” Scythe spat at me.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” I yelled back at her. Scythe recoiled, taken aback by my sudden outburst. The Taillow seized the chance and flew to my side, fondling a hurt wing. Scythe growled menacingly in our direction.

“Arc! Seize the Taillow and bring him to me!” Arc disappeared and grabbed the helpless bird from below. It cried out, surprised by the sudden attack.

“Jarre, help me!” But I didn’t move. I was too scared. Arc hovered to Scythe’s side, holding the struggling bird. Scythe started towards me and stopped only when she was an inch from my face.

“Do you really want to join my gang?” I nodded slowly. Scythe raised her head and smiled. “Good then, you’re accepted.” She walked back to Arc and I let out a deep breath.

“Oh, and another thing,” Scythe turned abruptly and smacked me with a paw. She walked steadily to where I lay and bent her head down so low, that I felt her fur brush my feathers. “We play by my rules.”

~ ~ ~

I shivered from the cool breeze that blew past me. The trees bent back and forth, almost as if dancing to an unknown song. But it wouldn’t have been a happy song. Rain pelted against my feathers making them stick together. I was in a rocky field. Trees lined the edges and jagged rocks protruded from the muddy earth.

Stars reflected the rain and even so it was almost pitch black. I could hardly make out Scythe’s face as she stepped up onto a large rock. She stared at me with those red eyes and flicked fur from her face. Arc stood below her, watching me with complete and utter disdain.

I sneered at him and focused my attention towards Scythe. She swished her tail and when she spoke, it was as if the whole world fell silent. “We have a new recruit,” She said coldly. “And as you all know, new recruits must take a test.” The mob of pokemon around me cheered.

A test? Who said anything about a test? I recalled her words and shuddered. So this is what she meant. Scythe flicked a small pebble over the edge of the rock and continued. “If he succeeds, we shall welcome him with open paws. If not,”--Here she turned towards me and smiled.-- “You know what to do.”

The mob cheered again and pushed me forward. I was beginning to regret my choice. But how else was I supposed to survive? Scythe focused her gaze upon me and asked the question I’d been dreading: “Are you ready?” Do I have a choice?, I thought.

“What’s the test?” I called up to her through the watery sky. The grey fur covering her face seemed to shimmer as she held up her head.

“Do you really want to know?” She seemed rather satisfied when I didn’t answer. “Fear is good,” She said solemnly. “Harness fear and you harness power. Control power,” Her eyes flashed cruelly. “And you’re invincible!” Scythe was pure evil, but what did she intend for me to do? A bolt of lightning broke the silence.

Only then did Scythe seem to regain her senses. She peered down at me and sneered. “I want to see just how cruel you can be.” She answered slyly. Scythe laughed mirthlessly as she pointed across the field. Large ropes stretched out from the rocks, ending in the middle as a tangled mess.

But it wasn’t the ropes I didn’t like--It was what was in them. That same Taillow that Scythe had captured hung limply between the cords. My friend. My face showed obvious fear when I turned to Scythe. “I can’t…” I pleaded, “This is madness!” Scythe merely jumped down from the rock and laughed.

“Madness it may be, but you wanted to join my gang.” It was true, I couldn’t deny that. Scythe padded towards me and looked over at the Taillow. “Now, in ten minutes time those metal rods,”--She gestured to two metal poles, one on either side of the Taillow-- “Will attract a lightning bolt. You have two choices,”

She stared at the sky, as if waiting for a signal. “You can either play the hero and save your friend there. Or,” I didn’t like what was coming. “If you want to join us, you will leave him be.” The last few words were like claws in my heart. How could I do that to an innocent creature?

However, it looked like my only chance if I was to survive. Scythe walked right up to me until her nose was brushing my beak. “Let the challenge begin.” She said, barely louder than a whisper. She whirled round and jumped back onto the rock. “I’d be thinking if I were you, firebird! You don’t have much time!”

I looked over at the Taillow. Ever since I was little, Raze had been my only friend. He looked out for me, as I did for him. We were almost like brothers. The rain fell louder now, nearly drowning out the taunts from the mob. Scythe stood as still as a statue, watching me with hawk eyes.

Was this the only way to provide for us both? Raze lifted his head weakly. “Jarre…help me…” I closed my eyes and turned away. I couldn’t do anything--my mind wouldn’t allow it.

“Brother…” I muttered under my breath. Five minutes had already gone and Raze was looking at me with concern.

“Don’t you remember who you are?” He said softly. He was looking at me so strangely that I didn’t know what to feel. I was a mixture of fear, sorrow and anger. Thought rushed through head, melting away everything that was around me except Raze and Scythe. In desperation I turned to her.

“Don’t make me choose…I can’t. You must know how I feel!” I stared straight into Scythe’s eyes and for a second the cruel look was gone, replaced by a tender frown. But the raindrops washed away her feelings and she was back to her usual self.

“Better to ask forgiveness than permission.” She said scornfully. Tears ran down my cheeks.

“How could you?” I stammered.

“Or rather, how could you?” She retorted. “Time’s up bird.” Scythe threw her head back, looking towards the sky and growled. “Feel the wrath of thunder!” A huge flash of light flew through the sky and connected to the two poles. The ropes writhed like a snake catching it’s prey. I turned away and stared at the ground.

“No…” When the lightning withdrew, Scythe jumped down dutifully from the rock. She walked over to the ropes and I waited for a growl of triumph. But it didn’t come. I turned round and stared carefully at the ropes, then at Scythe’s shocked face.

“Raze escaped!” I cried out in joy.

“No thanks to you.” A harsh voice called out from behind me.

“Raze?” He was perched on a nearby tree branch glaring at me with hatred.

“We were brothers!” He spat at me.

“But, I…I only wanted what was best for you.” I answered him, slightly shocked by his sudden change.

“Best for me!” Raze screeched shrilly. “By frying me in a lightning bolt!” He flew to my side and jabbed me in the chest with a wing. “I have no brother!” He hissed. I stepped back as the shocking reality began to sink in. At that moment, Scythe seemed to regain her voice.

“Impotent bird! Die now!” She lunged over my head and began to tear at Raze. The last thing I saw of him was the surprised look on his face. But just as all seemed lost, a black streak shot into the sky and disappeared. Raze was gone. Scythe cursed and turned towards me.

“Welcome to the gang.” She said as her stone-cold eyes met mine. A sudden hot feeling billowed within me. I felt power and I had to unleash it. Was this what vengeance was? The hatred rose in me until all I could do was bask in it’s light.

I turned to Scythe and smiled. I looked at the sky as I opened my beak. “I have no brother!” I hissed.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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