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Default Re: if me and my firneds were placed in the pokemon world what would it be like? see

i'm back!
i stepped outside to find my former friends standing outside the door we challenge you to a pokemon battle! they said. ok... one sec i gotta do something. i got out my poketech and put on match call. then i called my friend william. i'll be there in a sec. he said over the phone. suddenly a staravia swooped down with william ontop of it. Wow! i exclaimed! cool pokemon. thanks. said william. lets get this batte started. (takes out a boombox and puts on intense fighting music) Go mime jr.! said chris. Go torchic! said madi. Go machop! said william. Go Buneary! i said. here is how the battle went:
william i have a plan. i whispered. what? william asked.ok heres what we do: machop and buneary use agility and zoom next to madi and chrises pokemon, jump up in the air and use dynamic punch straight down on theyre head, then our pokemon pluck them from the ground and use mega kick to kick them against each other. that should get those pokemon. ok william said. we used the plan. and heres how it went:
machop and buneary used the plan.
torchic and mime jr. fainted.
what? 2 more pokemon! krap!
mudkip used water gun
machop fainted! and staravia came out.
buneary used... save the day! super hero music came on!
mudkip and mime jr. fainted
HA IN YOUR FACE!!! Nooooooo my former friends said yeeees i said we will get you for this! they said. but then the earth started to rumble again! a GINORMOUS building popped up it said... adoption center? hmmmm i bettter check this out. i said. i ran over there and asked if i could adopt a pokemon. i looked at the pokemon up for adoption and saw a pidgeyotto. i adopted it and left the adoptian center.
more of the story later