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Default Re: if me and my firneds were placed in the pokemon world what would it be like? see

we're back!
then i looked deeper into the bag and found out i had a poketech. cool i said. then i turned it on and went to the schedule. heres what it said
1: catch pokemon
2: heal
3: battle

hmmm i said. i can catch pokemon? well i guess i'll start looking for buneary. i looked aound until i saw my friend chris battling one. i ran over and then told piplup used tackle on chrises pokemon and they battled. heres how it went
piplup used tackle
mime jr. lost 30 of its 80 hp and used calm mind
piplup was able to overcome the mind control and used ice beam
mime jr. fainted...
Ha! i win! i said. i will get you for this! said chris! jeez everyone seems to be changing. i wonder if i am? but anyway... back to busyness. i said i have to catch buneary! i turned to buneary.
go piplup!
here is how the battle went:
piplup used ice beam!
buneary lost 60 of its 90 hp and used slash
piplup lost 40 of its 80 hp and used scratch and a poke ball
buneary lost 20 of its remaining 40 hp and was caught!
Yay! i said as i did a little jig. maybe i will catch one more pokemon then heal... i looked around until i saw a treecko jumping from tree to tree. Go Buneary! i said i told Buneary to climb up the tree and slash treecko until he fell and then fight it!
heres how the battle went:
buneary used slash
treecko fell from the tree and lost 70 of his 90 hp
treecko got up.
i threw a poke ball
Treecko was caught! HOORAY!!! now its time to heal pokemon i said as i was walking toward the pokemon center. i looked toward the blacktop which had now turned into a battle field and saw chris and madi racing toward me. i suddenly dashed into the pokemon center. will you heal my pokemon? i asked. sure said the nurse. i put my pokemon on a tray and she put them on a little machine and then gave them back to me. i left the pokemon center to find my former friends standing at the door.
i will be posting more!